Jennifer Garner can’t wait to get to Detroit

February 6, 2014


According to E Online, Jennifer Garner (aka Elektra) will be spending the summer in Detroit while her husband Ben Affleck (aka Batman AND Daredevil) films Superman Vs. Batman (aka Man of Steel 2), and she can’t freaking wait.

“I’ll be there this summer,” she told Detroit sports radio channel 105.1 FM. “Yep, all summer…Batman is shooting…or whatever it’s called. I don’t know what it’s called. Superman with Batman, or whatever it is. But he is shooting this summer, so we’ll be there.”

So we’re looking for suggestions. Remember, Garner won’t be working. She’s here to be with her husband, so she’ll be hanging out a lot. Where do you think she’ll find a good time? Doing shots at the Painted Lady? Watching cover bands at the Ritz? You tell us.

  • Erica

    Isn’t it being filmed in Metamora? There is not much going on up there unless she likes riding horses, shopping at Meijer or eating burgers in Oxford!!

  • HJK

    She’s got kids, so I doubt that she’ll do a lot of bar hopping. Maybe she’ll show up at Great Lakes Crossing or a Red Wings game.

  • Phoebe Johnson

    In the Summer? I bet they’ll hit up Comerica..

  • Nykolas

    Go to Loui’s pizza in hazel park. Best pizza and good atmosphere for the family. Located on dequindre just north of 9 mile.

  • Anna

    Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village, or Hands on Museum in Ann Arbor for the kids.

  • Dummies

    Is this the thread where we give Jennifer Garner suggestions on what to do here? I heard she reads this website daily for all of your input. Keep ‘em coming, everybody.

  • cm

    Send her to Slow’s.

  • Janie Rock

    Lilly’s Seafood in Royal Oak. Detroit Zoo. DIA. Burn Rubber – Royal Oak.

  • summersetretrievers

    Kids will love the Detroit Zoo, Greenfield Village, Henry Ford Museum, and Howell Nature Center. There are festivals every weekend in the summer! Port Huron to Mackinac race in Port Huron is a must! Music beyond compare! If you like classical our Detroit Symphony is amazing! World class plays, concerts, and museums. Do the kids like dinosaurs take them to Cranbrook! Lot’s of water around if you like boating and swimming. Don’t forget to go to Mackinac Island while you’re here no cars are allowed there. So much to see in this great state! Enjoy!

  • royaloaker

    OMG, best comment ever.

  • Lauren – Detroit native

    YOU NEED TO GO TO LOUI’S PIZZA! (9 1/2 and Dequindre) This place is a true gem of the Metro Detroit area, and there’s nothing else that compares! Better than any Chicago pizza I’ve ever had, and also better than any pizza in Michigan. The salad and dressing is phenomenal as well, it’ll have you hooked. I’m not kidding, if there’s any restaurant you go to while here, this HAS to be one of them. It’s a great family atmosphere and serves up pizza the DETROIT way. Make sure you don’t mix it up with the cheap franchise called “Louie’s” with an “e.” There’s only one real LOUI’S, and there’s nothing else like it!

  • John

    LOUI’S PIZZA! Just north of 9 mile on Dequindre! Detroit A-List winner every year for best pizza!

  • Bridget

    Loui’s pizza! 9 and Dequindre (just north of 9 mile). Made the list for 100 things to do while in Detroit, #39! Family owned, best pizza in Detroit!

  • gozier

    are you actually serious?

  • summersetretrievers

    Absolutely love this state!

  • Karen Matijow Gilbert

    Loui’s Pizza at 9 and Dequindre in Hazel Park is the absolute best. A must try. Once you have ate there you will never eat another pizza or antipasto salad anywhere. You will be hooked for life. No joke. And the atmosphere is wonderful and relaxing.

  • Jo

    If she will actually be in city limits. Supino’s Pizza is the best pizza in Detroit City proper.

  • Sara

    Detroit doubles for Gotham. THey should go to the DIA and the zoo with the kids

  • Dan

    Even if it was filmed in metamora I’m sure they will be in rochester. She will go to village of rochester malls whole foods for her odds and ends. they will be at royal park hotel away from all you crazy people. They will go up to traverse for the film festival, and probably dine in Birmingham and somerset area. Most of the actors don’t go all over the city. If they do it will be a few controlled non profit things or sporting events. Ben May go out alone.

  • Trish79

    Their gonna HAVE to go to Pine Knob.. (dte to some)! Best venue to see the best shows! Annndd… I met my husband there 15 years ago this may:-) Welcome to Michigan Jen & Ben!