Electric Six, Motion City Soundtrack and more confirmed for Blowout 17

March 26, 2014

The first batch of confirmed bands for Blowout 17 has been announced, with Electric Six, Death, The Detroit Cobras, Local H and Motion City Soundtrack topping the bill. Elsewhere, the Witches, the Hentchmen, Broadzilla, Alexis, Kenny Tudrick, Jamaican Queens, Kaleido, the Hard Lessons and many more will be performing.

Blowout takes place April 30-May 3 in Hamtramck, Detroit and Ferndale, and tickets are on sale at MTBlowout.com.

100+ more bands will be announced next week. Here’s the bill so far:


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  • MTsellsOUT

    DUI’s are about to go through the roof. Moving this out of Hamtramck was stupid and you guys know it! No one cares about Ferndale.

  • meatloincloth

    Sorry to say, but this festival lost its way. It is now without focus and irrelevant. Getting suburban, eh MT?! You are now a punchline of a snarky joke. Stupid, stupid moves.

  • robpollard

    Love me some E6 (just saw them at the Blind Pig last weekend) and a few of the other bands on the list, but I’ll wait until the dates/locations are released to buy tickets. Not doing Ferndale.

    I’m sure plenty of other people will, though, and eschew Hamtown, so I don’t see how this will work in three cities. It didn’t last year and will have to see details to see what might be different last year.

  • Teenytiny

    Thank goodness I can see bands somewhere other than Hamtramck. I got physically assaulted down there and the way they protect the lawbreakers is unholy. Never again will I go there.

  • LeaveBitching4Bitches

    I wonder if all the people complaining about Ferndale will stop there to get gas as they head south for the festival.