Ypsilanti police searching for ‘mystery pooper’

April 7, 2014


"Stop shitting all over me!"

“Stop shitting all over me!” (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Well, this is tasteless.

Ypsilanti police are actively pursuing a suspect appropriately described as the “mystery pooper,” a man who has been defecating on slides in the city’s Prospect Park for nearly six months. From MLive:

Officials have discovered feces on the slides so frequently that police installed a hidden camera to try to capture an image of the act.

Council Member Pete Murdock, who is also the head of the Friends of Prospect Park, described the act as “weird and deliberate.” He said he first received a call about the issue more than five months ago and the culprit struck as recently as early March.

A councilmember told MLive, “We most definitely need to get this under control before school (recess) and park season starts.”

Yeah, please, clean up that mess.

  • Bruce Channell

    Probably Trogdor’s friend “The Poopsmith”…..LOL

  • Brian

    Why are they automatically assuming it’s a man? That’s incredibly sexist.

  • Connie Horton Meredith

    Because men are pigs and women would NEVER do such a thing. :)