Where’s Curt Guyette?

January 28, 2014
Curt Guyette

Curt Guyette

Longtime Metro Times readers know the name “Curt Guyette.” That’s because Guyette headed up MT’s news department for an astonishing 18 years, breaking important stories and penning call-to-action pieces that inspired changes. It was also Guyette who ensured the weekly News Hits column had that perfectly snarky tone. His stands on issues didn’t end on the page, as he was often the voice of conscience in the workplace, consistently helping us hold ourselves to sky-high editorial standards.

That all came to an end in August 2013, when Guyette was summarily fired by this paper’s former owners — for divulging the contents of a company press release minutes before it was posted online. The official reasons for his dismissal were “gross insubordination” and “breach of company trust.”

Guyette had retorted at the time on his Facebook page: “No dispute about the insubordination; as for the breach of trust, that cuts both ways.”

And so it seemed that a hardworking journalist, an anchor for the paper for almost two decades, was going to disappear without so much as a slice of goodbye cake.

But it turns out that big things have been happening with Guyette. He just received an award from the Detroit and Michigan chapters of the National Lawyers Guild for his work at Metro Times. What’s more, he’s now working at the ACLU of Michigan, where, thanks to a generous grant from the Ford Foundation, he’s working again as a journalist, this time dedicated to following Detroit’s emergency manager for the ACLU. Just last week, Guyette’s first blog post relating to emergency managers and open government went up online. Readers can expect many more illuminating posts, stories and articles to appear under Guyette’s byline in the future.

And so congratulations go out to our esteemed former colleague. Just as we’ve found after some upheaval of our own here at Metro Times, good people tend to land on their feet.

  • Curt Guyette

    Glad to see the new energy under way since my hasty departure, and to see that the new regime seems to harbor no hard feelings. Same back atcha. In fact, no one is rooting harder for the paper’s success. Some might not realize this, but I’m actually a big believer in the alternative press. Many thanks for the plug, and more thanks for finally letting the readers know what happened, and where I’ve landed. Looking forward to what comes next, for both me and the new MT.

  • Voice Of The People

    Thank you Mr. Jackman for this great information. I missed Curt Guyette and his great writing here for the MT and am glad he has found another writing gig. I’ll be reading him there. I don’t miss the a-holes that fired him. Riddle-Me-This!, Who has a job now you clowns? Hope to see some more Guyette hit-pieces here in the MT in the future. I also hope that the MT returns to it’s former greatness with you at the helm. Thank You again.

  • http://truthmonger.info/ TRUTHMONGERDOTINFO

    Guyette bailed when I became a hot potato in Sacramento. S/he must have been looking forward to her future career. I used to picket in front of the jail house because I was tortured there for eight hours on orders from then-governor C. George Deukmejian for slamming him/her as “Duchess” (idiots called this half-man “Duke” – can you imagine denegrating John Wayne’s nickname for that effeminate Deukmejian?). Of course, everybody involved has blatantly lied. It’s as though we’re not HEADED for communism, we’ve already been living in it. The “police” can do whatever they want, and the courts play along. So much for separation of powers. Also, they’ve got Mr. And Mrs. American Useful Idiot dummied-down to the point where they don’t really see a problem: “The police wouldn’t arrest a person if they had no reason.” “If you were tortured, you probably deserved it.” I heard that more than once. Truthmonger dot info

  • The Truth

    If You Were Tortured;
    You Probably, no DID Deserve It!