Where’s Charlie LeDuff?

January 27, 2014


As Deadline Detroit points out, reporter Charlie LeDuff has gone silent since Dec. 17, when his last news report on Fox 2 aired. (UPDATE: Except for a Jan. 17 appearance on “Let It Rip,” LeDuff has been absent from his usual media outlets.) LeDuff’s disappearance also follows a big bump in publicity after GQ Magazine named him “Madman of the Year” in their year-end issue.

Could a major development be in the works? Deadline Detroit suggests LeDuff is about to go national on Fox’s other networks. Last week, LeDuff teased on his Twitter account:

LeDuff has made a name for himself with his incendiary reporting. Of LeDuff, GQ wrote:

Besides being the author of a best-selling book about how fucked Detroit is (Detroit: An American Autopsy, published earlier this year), Charlie got famous by basically reinventing local news reporting. Like for instance, in one segment he waits with a woman who has called 911 after her house was apparently broken into. He picks her up some McDonald’s, searches her house for assailants, washes his pants, and takes a bath, all hours before the cops arrive. (Asterisk on this one: probably the only segment in the history of local network news in which producers at the station had to pixelize a reporter’s balls.)

Years ago, LeDuff came under scrutiny from Metro Times for his article titled “Frozen in indifference: Life goes on around body found in vacant warehouse” in The Detroit News, which featured a grisly photo of a frozen body’s legs sticking up through the ice.


  • Corey Hall

    Charlie was on the Gov. Snyder interview episode of “Let It Rip” last week.

  • LeDuffSucks

    remember when he “golfed” detroit? that was a good segment

  • Freefallun

    Come back Charlie, we miss you!!

  • Dana

    Are you sure he is not in jail?

  • Jack Ramsey

    I thought he was doing a stint in a court-ordered 12 step deal after his public urination hijinks.

  • wessidetempest

    What’s the point of this story? He’s obviously not missing or in danger. Is it a slow day or is MT somehow involved in the “big news”. A few more disclaimers and there would be nothing more to say. Hacks

  • Gango Banga

    Where’s Charlie? If he was up your butt you’d know where he was. Maybe.

  • c1h2r3i4s5

    saw him on the tele last week with Anthony Bourdain, of course it was taped last summer !!!!

  • Big City Blonde

    i miss him…

  • Cherie Wyatt Rolfe

    I lost all respect for him after his alleged shenanigans at last year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

  • TheBadWitch

    that was a GREAT segment

  • Kimberly Zatkoff

    I miss Charlie :(

  • Erika

    Maybe he disappeared after he made an assof himself on parts unknown

  • chuck

    Like your perfect dude….not

  • Gary and Kim Malloy

    Not in jail ~ we saw him at the Emory the other night and he looked fine. We hope to see this local cowboy reporting on the air soon.

  • wessidetempest

    He wrote an article for Fox on the 27th. MetroTimes should stand up and tell their real reasoning behind this blog post (giving it credit as an article is to much credit).

  • Americana_Mama

    Regarding the public urination thing, I can’t speak to the specifics of that one, but I was actually shocked to find out that if a cop came along and found you peeing somewhere, i.e., off the interstate (behind bushes, or a ditch, etc.)..they can get you for that. Also, if it’s within a certain amount of feet from a school, you can end up on the sexual predator list. I say that because you could be traveling on the interstate, need to pee at 1 a.m., pull off and a cop says “Wayyyy over there is a school”. Sounds convoluted,but have heard of it happening.

  • Justin M Brown

    Was wondering what happened to him..good news If fox major news wants him would be great for his career. Good luck

  • Bill Boyd

    Charlie, please stay local. I don’t have cable & Metro Detroit needs you to keep us up to date

  • Bill Boyd

    If Cushionberry isn’t there for booze & Drugs, I’m pretty sure Charlie’s not.

  • MadelineDesign

    Don’t go national Charlie. We need you here.

  • Eetme

    Blowhard is now blowing harder…why didn’t Bourdain just stab him?

  • newzbug

    Actually he is missing from his reports on tv

  • newzbug

    So he became human like everyone else and let you down, eh? He is just a real reporter who is not ashamed to be from Detroit and not afraid to talk about it. That is what the city really needs.

  • Colleen Bendef

    Were are u Charlie? Please come back, you are truly wonderful and your reporting and your skew on things is refreshing! God bless you.

  • Chris Falzone

    The golfing in Detroit was one of the funniest and saddest things I ever saw

  • Pamela Bolin

    Pamela Bolin
    Found Charlie! has a story Fox2 10 PM 3-6-2014 Woo Hoo tonight!

  • newzbug

    So what’s the point of your commentary on a “story” you deem as unworthy of public print? BTW, are you sure YOU aren’t the hack??