Watch a Detroit Police Officer Take Down a Woman in this Wild Arrest Footage

January 21, 2014

We’ve seen our fair share of wild arrest footage, but this clip from Sunday, originally posted on WXYZ, goes above and beyond the norm.

Security cameras from a party shop on 7 Mile capture what at first appears to be a routine traffic stop (later reports suggest the driver had no seatbelt, no registration, no license, and expired plates), but the stop turns ugly when the woman and the officer begin to bicker, prompting an attempted arrest (later reports suggest the driver threatened the officer).

Around 0:17, the driver gets out of her vehicle, and the conversation between the woman and the officer escalates around 0:30 (lots of finger pointing going on here). But at 1:03, the officer grabs the woman and literally flings her to the ground. In the scuffle, around 1:14 and 1:16, it appears the officer strikes the woman repeatedly in the face as she tries to defend herself and break away.

The party store owner, who shows up in the footage in an orange hood, said he verbally intervened when he saw the officer striking the woman. “He punched her twice on the face. I told the officer stop hitting her twice and that’s when he stopped,” the owner told WXYZ.

Ultimately, the woman ended up in handcuffs in the back of the patrol car. She was taken first to the hospital, her family said, and later she was booked for resisting arrest and obstructing the law.

Detroit PD maintain their man took the right course of action, given that he felt threatened, but the woman’s family says the officer went too far.

The incident is currently under investigation and will be reviewed by the department.


    Obviously she is a mouthy broad. She started in on the officer and you
    can see him raising his arm to block her. She resisted and then gets
    controlled. The “punches” are more of a face shove. Cut and dried
    arrest. No police brutality involved.

  • Michele

    You can see that the officer tried to calm her down….he put up his hand as if to say..”calm down, now”….she resisted the officer…don’t fault him…she was swinging at him, and did not follow his orders.

  • Gango Banga

    No sense in fighting the popo

  • Brittany

    Well at least the officer was black so she can’t use the old go to “hate crime” excuse. I see nothing wrong here besides the fact that this idiot is resisting arrest and the officer did what he had to do to subdue her.

  • antonne walker

    one thing he did wrong, he opened the door instead of knocking on the window and to see what’s going on. a 4th amendment violation. the lawyers will use that against the officer.

  • Richard Allen Cromwell

    Her tags were expired, which gave him probable cause to open the door. The Supreme Court ruled in Carroll VS. United States that a warrant is not needed for an automobile if there is probable cause.

  • disqus_KeMsCyMCgm

    Other than the rum and marijuana, this woman was carrying the same issues as George Cushingberry. Too bad she wasn’t an over-weigh, drunk male with a city council ID card

  • Gerard Horne Sr.

    Happens to niggas everyday. Feels good to see that. I have to watch one more time.

  • painkills2

    “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” Albert Einstein