This Video of a Toddler at Detroit Metro Airport Is the Most Adorable Thing You’ll Watch All Day

January 13, 2014

This video of a toddler stranded with his parents at Detroit Metro Airport during last week’s snowstorm will make your heart melt (plus, the tyke’s a straight-up badass for running the wrong day down a moving walkway).

Please watch it now, with your sound on.

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  • nanneiman

    cute, but all I could think of this kid is going to get his fingers caught at the lip or that thing on the back of his jacket would get caught in the grooves and he would choke to death, scary stuff for me to watch being a parent of young ones. I know you have to let them have fun, maybe I’ve just worked emergency medicine too long and see what can go wrong. Glad he’s fine.

  • JH

    maybe that would happen if it were going the opposite direction

  • Lyla

    Dangerous. Not funny.

  • 101

    Not a Playground.

  • Chris

    looked fun to me way to put a damper on it loosen up

  • Detroiter51_01

    Focus the camera to the aircraft. The auto focus adjusts to the fence.