U-M report suggests Michigan drivers pay a mileage fee to fix road funding

May 15, 2014
"Mileage fees...MILEAGE FEES?...NOOOOO" (source: Wikimedia Commons)

“Mileage fees…MILEAGE FEES?…NOOOOO”   (source: Wikimedia Commons)



A report released today by the University of Michigan offers a novel solution for Michigan’s dilapidated roads: the state should adopt a mileage fee to boost infrastructure funding.

Mileage fees … are distance-based fees levied on motorists for use of a defined network of roadways. In other words, they are a simple market-based fee for services. Mileage fees could also include time, geography or congestion levels. Instead of continuing to raise fuel taxes to pay for transportation infrastructure, a mileage fee could more fairly allocate costs based on the number of miles driven, the time of day, the route taken, and the weight of the vehicle.

A mileage fee can boost funding shortages, increase public and institutional cost effectiveness and support environmental sustainability, the report says. We can only assume the latter point means more drivers may opt to catch the bus if such a fee is implemented.

You can read the full report below.

  • Steve

    No, no, no. Yet another government system in place that would end up costing more money to utilize than it would bring in revenue.
    And- now someone else can track the car where ever you go. In fact, they know when your car isn’t home, so whoever they hire to monitor it will know you are not home. I predict a large rise in B&E and theft.
    A couple simple things 1st- stop allowing such heavy loads. This is really easy. Change the laws for weight.
    2nd- allocate your resources better- big stretch for the government, but it can be done.
    other ideas-
    Stop fixing the same stretches of roadway over and over again, how did this scam start.
    Use prison/jail chain gangs for the labor part of the job
    But another government office is the LAST thing we need to “fix” something around here.

  • nobsartist

    Often, U of M is right about things. Could someone please point out one of them? Just as I thought…… You know, a good way to raise revenue for roads would be to stop using taxpayer money to fund schools that charge admission to sports. Did anyone at the “brain trust” think of that one? I wouldn’t think so. Please do not force the wisdom from taxpayer funded parasites on us regular folk.