TIME profiles Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy

July 17, 2014
Kym Worthy, Wayne County prosecutor

Kym Worthy, Wayne County prosecutor

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is featured in the upcoming issue of TIME Magazine about her push to clear the backlog of untested rape kits, something that has remained an issue for years now.

Written by TIME reporter Charlotte Alter, Worthy says in the piece: “I call sexual assault the stepchild of violent crime. There needs to be a global shift, a culture change surrounding [rape.]

If you have access, you can read the entire piece on TIME’s website now. If not, the story will run in the magazine’s July 28 issue.

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  • shera

    Thank God for strong noble women such as kym worthy,maybe the fembot mouthpiece staff at MT could learn something about courage from this local sheroe. But they are way too busy focusing on sexploitationm of women,which ironically leads to acts of vience and rape ahai at women.oh,and also focusing on glamorizing prostitution instead, its just the only way they can survive!! What would grandma phyllis say?? Shame shame.

  • Andrea

    The Metro Times delinks their sexist advertising of prostituted women with the rape culture that Kym Worthy is fighting against. That is called delinking. But, social scientists and human rights activists know that the issue of selling women into prostitution is linked to other forms of sexual violence. And, linked to racism and classism.

  • Masseuse Manager

    YES!!!! and let’s block all the streets too!!!!!

  • Ray G Inghardon

    Paid models posting in advertisements isn’t the same as prostitution dipshit. You’ve been smoking too much of that OG kush

  • Hazelparkhustla420juzblaze

    lets delink all the streets to Gross Pointe from everywhere else so we don’t have to deal with whackos like andrea who cant handle their dope.

  • An actual actual feminist

    The belief that you can dictate what a woman does with her own body is the very definition of sexism. As is your insistence on labeling women who choose to perform sexual services for financial recompense.

  • An actual feminist

    Labeling them as victims. Sorry.

  • Real Feminist

    Actual Feminist? Really? You sound like a 3rd wave so-called “feminist” who has a Capitalistic patriarchal view about women and an a-historic understanding of sexism.

  • Real Feminist

    To argue that anti-sexist activists who want Metro Times to stop placing ads selling prostituted women is to “dictate what a woman does with her own body is the very definition of sexism”, is just Orwellian. According to research, over 89% of women and girls used in prostitution, don’t choose it, but are in it because of lack of choices or lack of perceived choices, with an average age of entry into prostitution at 15 years old. And, those who do “choose”, when it comes down to it, underlying this “choice”, is poverty or other gender inequality. Your naive and Capitalistic. Your argument is parallel to, let’s say I am an anti-racist activist, and I demanded that a newspaper stop placing ads selling black people into slavery and Minstrel Show “Entertainment”, and then you turn around and argue that black people have the right to choose to sell their bodies and anyone who argues against that (black people being bought and sold by white people) where “dictating” what black people should do with their bodies and that arguing against the “choice” to be a black person for sale, would be the very definition of racism. And, yes, you can make parallels between racism and sexism, because it is historically correct to do so. To think that you would defend the sale of human beings as “choice” in the year 2014, is Capitalistic and Orwellian.