Ted Nugent calls Detroit a ‘cesspool’ during Texas campaign stop

February 20, 2014

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Ted Nugent, the washed up flagrant asshole from Michigan who tends to say stupid things, brought Detroit into the fold during a campaign stop Wednesday in Texas. While stumping for Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, he spent a few moments weeping about why he left the city.

“I left Detroit because the liberal Democrats engineered the absolute suicide of this fantastic city with their horrific anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-independence agenda,” said Nugent.

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  • MFC

    Ted should stop with all the uninformed & racist blather and try to write a listenable song once in a while…either that, or just retire already.

  • arthur simpson

    Screw nugent, his brain is a cesspool of ignorance.

  • arthur simpson

    Ted’s brain is a cesspool of ignorance.

  • Psyc Daddy

    He’s from Jackson, so who cares?

    Bye, Felicia.

  • http://www.thestoodio.com/ Kenny Mirage

    The author, Ryan Felton is a “washed up flagrant asshole from Michigan”.

  • Benny

    He’s just responding to what everyone around has thought of him for the last 30 years. Stay in Texas, and say hi to Kwa….never mind.

  • D. R. Cultivator

    Detroit IS a cesspool but it is getting better. Just 2 more things have to happen: get rid of any politicians left that had anything to do with Kwame Kilbutrick and everyone who lives there that feels they are entitled to free handouts without doing a single days worth of work.

  • Psyc Daddy

    It’s not the citizens of Detroit that want the hand outs. It’s the politicians.

    Perception vs. Reality.

  • Mike Tompkins

    Stupid is stupid does.

  • SMH

    Ok, let’s pretend Detroit’s not a cesspool, sure.

  • Steve

    You mean this draft dodging, deadbeat dad, lying about his booze use, animal poacher is now a right winger? Great for him. Too bad there are people who take him seriously.

  • subziroe

    Fuck you.

  • subziroe

    If some black folks are getting handouts it couldn’t be more than the handouts that there great grand parents gave to this country full of racist during slavery.

  • subziroe

    Ted should go an play in the middle of a Texas freeway during rush hour.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dvsdetroit Dvs

    Wasn’t he supposed to off himself if Obama was re-elected? Some of us are still waiting! o__O

  • Rod

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, lame comeback. Nugent for President. Detroit is Crap

  • sciencecure

    Kenny Mirage is a “washed up flagrant conservatarded asshole from Michigan”

  • sciencecure

    Rod is crap. Nugent belongs in jail. He’s a know-nothing, animal poaching, douchebaggin’ asshole.

  • bonobf

    stop giving this asshole a platform. ignore everything coming out of his piehole. if you do that, he will eventually go away. who cares what this pedophile, draft dodging America hater has to say?

  • Dajuan Williams

    Detroit has been a cesspool since riots and liberal Alec Baldwin was supposed to leave the U.S. if Bush got elected. Still waiting.

  • DJEB

    You are factually correct, sir.

  • DJEB


  • Gerald Badalamento

    You are all blind mf ers. Detroit is a mess . Black people are turning into animals. I say give tem all a gun, they can wipe each other out for alli care.

  • Gerald Badalamento

    How is it getting better ,they are milli

    How is it getting better, they are killing each other. And now they are killing white people, they are animals

  • Gerald Badalamento

    Why do all u black people keep crying slavery. Is that all you know

  • Gerald Badalamento

    If anyone should leave let the animal blacks

  • Gerald Badalamento

    Blacks are racist animals

  • Gerald Badalamento

    Guess they dont have blacksvin jacksonthese animals are everywhere they are ike locist

  • OldSchoolHistory

    Good exposure of the adhom.

    The use of such tactics to try to shut down opinions that one does not agree with tends to cover for a complete lack of a legitimate point, which is exactly the case with this article.

    As for retards who still believe the left/right bullshit, well, they’re another case of fucked up entirely…

  • OldSchoolHistory

    It’s just your opinion that something’s “racist.” You’re just calling the U.S. “racist” because it was founded White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  • OldSchoolHistory

    In your opinion Ted Nugent is a “racist.” You’re only saying that because he’s White. Anti-”racism” is a lie directed against anything White.

    Only Whitey is not allowed to have an opinion. He must say whatever he is told to say. If he has an opinion that a modern anti-white does not like, then he magically becomes a “racist.”

    POOF! Anti-racists are just anti-white.

  • Clay Star

    Apparently, racist animals come in other shades as well.