Stay tuned newshounds for next week’s issue of Metro Times

March 28, 2014
Who is this mystery writer?

Who is this mystery writer?

Longtime readers of this rag know that our news coverage went, shall we say, a bit soft after Curt Guyette, Metro Times former news editor, departed last fall. Guyette, who penned detailed call-to-action pieces and our weekly News Hits column for an astonishing 18 years, was summarily fired by this paper’s former owners for divulging the contents of a company press release minutes before it was posted online.

With that said, fans of Guyette’s trademark work should make a mental note to pick up next week’s Metro Times issue on Wednesday. The cover story is shaping up to be a jam-packed piece on a topic Guyette followed tenaciously from a familiar byline to most.

Stay tuned.

  • Voice Of The People

    Can’t wait to read another award winning piece from Mr. Guyette. Long time readers sure miss his writing here. Hope this isn’t some kind of “April Fools” on the loyal readers. And “Riddle Me This” the Evil Clown still sucks for firing him.