Report: 5 percent of Michigan kids unvaccinated for non-medical reasons

February 18, 2014

It’s fairly easy for parents in Michigan to avoid getting their kids vaccinated. An objection here (basically) amounts to, “Eh, not interested.” That, in part, is why we have the country’s fourth-highest rate of religious or philosophical waivers to vaccine requirements — roughly 5.5 percent of Michigan’s 125,000 kindergartners, according to The Associated Press. It’s not only philosophical reasons that drive Michigan’s numbers up: Some parents simply forget to schedule a vaccination and score a waiver with relative ease.

That puts Michigan in the top-tier of unvaccinated states. A comprehensive report from Mother Jones today that details a growing anti-vaccination trend here found only Oregon has a higher population of unvaccinated kids than Michigan. Vermont and Idaho share similar numbers.

And where there’s high levels of exemptions, this happens:

On Vashon Island, Washington, 17 percent of kindergartners failed to receive their shots in 2013 due to a “personal/philosophical” exemption. That’s nine times the current national average. The year before, Vashon Islanders accounted for 16 percent of all whooping cough cases in Washington state’s King County, despite housing just one percent of its population.

  • MelodyRN

    It’s amazing how quick we forget the lessons of the past.

    Vaccines are safe and they can save lives, but only if we use them.

  • Read More

    It’s amazing how little RNs read…Thimerosal and aluminum are two common additives to vaccines. Thimerosal is a proven neurotoxin. You’re probably too young to remember the Gulf War Syndrome, which was brought on by heavy vaccine testing on troops, supported by the medical establishment. And “vaccinations as a responsibility of the citizenry for the greater good” is a false argument adopted by industry to sell more of what in many cases, we don’t need. Nice bunny outfit, BTW.

  • MelodyRN

    1- It’s Minnie Mouse ears.

    2- Thimerosal has been removed from all pediatric vaccines. The amounts of thimerosal in vaccines, even back when it did contain them, were very small. Children are exposed to mercury in its more harmful form, methylmercury, from their environment in larger quantities than they ever were from vaccines. Also it’s important to note that that international studies have found no effect of thimerosal used in vaccines on neurological outcomes.

    3- I’m not selling anything, just correcting misinformation being spewed across the internet by misinformed individuals with internet access like you.

  • Steve

    Best book you can read on this subject. “The Panic Virus” by Seth Mnookin. You will want to choke Jenny McCarthy, and for good reason, but there is great insight about our drugs, diagnosis and the American medical system.