Novi Man Discriminated Against For Big Penis, Tiny Speedo

January 15, 2014

24451453_BG2Is there any garment more reviled than the speedo? Maybe it’s because the only guys who seem to wear them are typically saggy old guys at the beach, but it’s the fashion choice that people seem to love to hate.

That’s not the case with Brad Cieslowski, a 29-year-old body builder who was kicked out of the Novi Lifetime Fitness on Saturday for wearing an what was deemed an ‘inappropriate’ swimsuit. He says a lifeguard asked him to change into something else, and Cieslowski is playing the sexist card: 

Cieslowski says he has worn the speedo at the gym before and no one ever said anything about it, but apparently several gym-goers complained to staff members Saturday night.

“He says, ‘We can all see it.’ And I said, ‘Well then stop staring. No one’s making you look at it,’” says Cieslowski. He says when he stood his ground and defended himself the employee threatened to call the police, so Cieslowski left.

“I can say the same thing about all the women around this pool in their bikinis and their one-pieces, showing off every nook and cranny of their body leaving nothing to the imagination but their skin color. … I’m not allowed to be myself and wear what I want to wear and it’s ridiculous, and it’s incredibly sexist,” he believes.

We suspect it was mostly the hetero male gym-goers who were not cool with Cieslowski’s package. But if this guy can’t get away with wearing a speedo, then who can?


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  • sam atk

    Pure discrimintation. IF that is the case bad bikinis


    the lifegard must have been a little prick having dude

  • RJ

    If a guy is wearing a Speedo (most with any common sense know it looks ridiculous though) at least wear one that looks better than a ratty old pair of underwear!

  • Julie

    Unless it states it in the rules of the gym, he should be allowed to wear it.I personally am not a fan of guys in Speedos, but it is a swim wear option. They wear them in professional
    swimming and that’s not deemed inappropriate

  • KC

    Too bad he’s not wearing a speedo. What he is wearing is not even a swim suit. Everyone has to wear swim suits to be in regulation of heath codes and lifeguards have to tell people to leave or change if they are not wearing a suit with a liner.

  • Mystery Train

    What a surprise — The Metro Times yet again proves that it is run by pandering simpletons. Nowhere in the story does it say he had a “big penis” — but that’s the headline they went with. This paper has been a disgrace and an embarrassment for the last 25 years

  • GS

    I got a feeling its the COLOR of the guys speedo that might be a problem in the water.

  • Jenn

    Please, wear the speedo! <3

  • Hal Chrysler


  • topsy turvy

    Can’t not look! Dude works hard on his body. Sitting on the sofa with his legs spread. Wants you to look! Want to see it wet and filled out.

  • Joseph Galla

    Hey Brian, I saw your story on the news and I think you should be allowed to do and wear whatever you want. I like it when Guys wear Speedos its real Sexy

  • almorr

    he was just envious seeing the large bulge of his package as he probably had a much smaller one. I sometime wear swimming trunks and my package looks similar to the guy in the photo, but I have never been told to leave the swimming pool

  • almorr

    I often see dudes on buses or trains sitting with their legs spread out, I just do the same. I also sit on a sofa with my legs spread out, it makes me feel more comfortable, very seldom see men sitting crossing their legs, that’s what women do, its all to do of what you have at the top of your legs, men sit with legs open wide, women sit crossed legs.

  • almorr

    He the lifeguard would have a little penis compared to the guy in the Speedo, also other guys wear jealous of the guys package being so big