Should the Northland Mall death have been handled differently?

January 30, 2014


24-year-old Mackenzie Cochran died after being restrained by security guards at Northland Mall. Cochran was allegedly causing a disturbance, resulting in swift action by the mall staff. Mace was sprayed and the man was held down. Here’s the video:

Fox 2 News Headlines

It’s pretty tough to view, with Cochran yelling that he can’t breathe. Should this have been handled differently? There are reports that a death threat was uttered from the victim. What do you think?

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  • TJ

    I do not know what the man did, but when you can’t breath and you say you can’t breath it’s a warning that the person is having a problem breathing. Do not take it literal, it’s common sense if your not breathing you can’t speak. Why argue with a person that is in distress. It’s clear by this example that the pepper spray caused this problem, not all people can handle pepper spray. If it is to be used then their needs to be some type of immediate medical remedy after its use, or perhaps a stun gun would be appropriate. I leave that decision to the experts to evaluate the data. This is the second time such an incident occurred in a local mall. Therefore that’s why I suggest training as well. It’s up to the DA to decide if manslaughter pertains to this situation.