New Belle Isle stars in new meme

July 14, 2014

Remember the debate over Belle Isle last year? The idea of making Belle Isle a state park appealed to many who complained about the litter and riffraff at the park. Some of these people had even been to the island park in the last several years.

But seriously, these folks objected to the noise speeding scofflaws with loud cars (and loud radios) thumping along as they were just trying to relax and get a tan. And what’s the problem? If they had $11, they could still get on the island. (As long as they didn’t have unpaid fines resulting in warrants, etc.)

Well, now we’re beginning to see what this New Belle Isle looks like. Word is that the law is pimping it harder than hoo-riders ever did. The image of a quad-riding “peace officer” on Belle Isle, apparently questioning a woman sunning herself, has made its way to meme status. Here are a few of the jokes the critics of making Belle Isle a state park have dreamed up.

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  • Tank McNamara

    Or it’s just a dude trying to talk to a cute girl in a bikini. Jeez, loosen up over there…

  • Guest

    So the park is cleaned up and the lights and the fountain is working plus the rules are enforced… This is bad?

  • lizzy

    The fountain has been working and it is cleaner but it’s lost some of it’s character and appeal with too much enforcement I think….. It wasn’t too bad before just needed cleaning up of the brush and trees and the bathrooms to be fixed…..

  • Guest 2

    This rag is becoming more of an outlet for one persons socialist rhetoric. This is really just a photo of a quad runner driving down the beach. I spend a lot of time on the Isle and it has become a more enjoyable park that is safe for everyone. And yes, that does mean all people regardless of race, age, religion, social economic status. I’m sure you want to make a stink about people who have been arrested with multiple warrants and how the city is racist for arresting them.

  • Karen Gratch



    at least let the first case of police brutality be a white guy, then they can beat the shit out of everyone else.

  • T

    If someone is going to take the time to create a meme then surely they would take the time to learn how to spell! Or so you would think! And for those who don’t know, the word is license, not licence!

  • Max Zetta

    I have been going to The Rock for yrs. I enjoy being around the water, the nature museum, etc. There were people who took advantage of this gem, and the city did not do a great job with maintaining the park or enforcing the rules. I have had no problems with anyone since the DNR took over. The bath house was clean, rest room lights, toilet, and sink worked. My only issue- -people. People of various skin tones not following the posted signs like not walking your dog on the beach, leaving poop and urine, playing in the restricted areas with their dogs. Sorry, I don’t want to swim with a dog. I don’t care how much of a family member you may consider it to be. People leaving trash every where. Last time I was there, I spent time disposing other peoples trash. ThePark has come a long way, but there’s still much more work to be done. Let’s try policing the actual park versus driving behind vehicles and running license plates.

  • Richelle Bellew

    Right! I was at a beach in Irish hills and watched this HUGE lab take an even bigger CRAP right in the water where the kids were!!!! I never went back. ICK! Kids take in mouths full of water etc…I don’t want my kids in that sewer.

  • Richelle Bellew

    This pic says nothing…it’s a pick of a guy talking to a chick…that’s about it.

  • Guest

    This is the best thing since Detroit White Entrepreneurial Guy.

  • Neal Blaise Salogar

    These are some of the lamest memes I’ve seen. So the cops have quad runners to access the off-road portions of the park (and apparently chat up girls in bikinis). This is alarming why?

  • Adam

    how about some real news…..maybe some appreciation for those who care about improvement versus complacency with old standards. come on MT our city expects more from you…

  • Katie McNulty

    I am sorry but if you don’t want to be taken in on warrants while on Bell Isle, there is a simple solution. DON’T HAVE WARRANTS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Most people manage to make it through life without run-ins with the law that result in warrants. Sorry, but I am a bit sick of the whiners on this one.

  • Faґo Fґεsн

    i’m guessing the number of crack heads is thankfully down.. i mean you would never have seen that chick there before.. unless she had been high on crack i mean…

  • Jewels481

    Seriously, it would obviously take some policing to clean up? Give me a break!

  • Brian Mccann

    that’s called harassment… and there is a level of enforcement that becomes harassment.

  • Detroiter51_01

    Apparently, many of you have never been to the island on a hot summer Friday or Saturday night. It was out of control thanks to a city administration that would not allow the cops to enforce the laws properly.

    Thank you, MSP and DNR! You are most welcome here! Simple solution to avoiding “harassment”, obey the law!

  • Patrick Andrzejczyk

    This is why you shouldn’t buy your contacts at Walmart.

  • meg

    if you just drive the speed limit the police don’t bother you… i go there a couple times a week and in some circles may be considered riffraff and no ones bothered me.

  • drm

    Was there yesterday. It is clean the bathrooms that have been boarded up for decades are clean painted and working. There were hundreds of people bbq ing, swimming, and sun bathing, there were people riding there bikes, jogging, and playing catch, there was a band playing in one of the parks and everyone was dancing and having a good time. The grass is cut, the bushes trimmed and it looks great. The law is there to scare off the trouble makers. Once that’s done the law I would imagine would slack off a little.

  • stillman

    I guess when a writer fans the flames of false outrage, and no one buys into it, they’re left having to manufacture an “outburst” of memes to be the centerpiece of their failed attempt at reviving a dead issue.

  • dog

    i have a dog and we are all up on belle isle… see ya there.

  • Joe Russo

    the “critics”? or you guys at the Metro Times?

  • Jac K. Arse

    Anyone notice the girl is not even looking at the cop? That’s because she isn’t. She’s looking at someone next to her who is behind the quad. And the reason you can’t see the second person is because if you look at the size of the quad in relationship to the girls, he’s not even close to them, let alone talking to them. This picture was shot with a zoom lens, so can the outrage

    Fake picture, designed to gin up fake outrage, with a fake meme, by a fake writer, writing for a fake paper.

    Good try, numbskulls

  • Michael F. Copado

    Seems to me she’s looking out at the water or at whoever is next to her blocked by the quad, and the trooper is merely checking out her breasts… total non issue.

  • Richelle Bellew

    And making assumptions shows lack of intelligence. You can’t tell a thing by looking at this pic, he could just be talking to her. No one has any clue besides that guy and that gal. I’d like to see what they have to say. It’s a words…no facts. I like facts.

  • Richelle Bellew

    I won’t be there. I would never let my kids swim in that water. I’ve seen to many broken bottles and needles on land…I can’t imagine what might be in the sand or under the water. No thanks

  • Richelle Bellew

    If you look at it real close there is a person next to the girl…she is looking at them. NOT the cop. The cop is probably just checking her boobs out. SMH people are nuts.

  • Richelle Bellew

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I didn’t notice the other person at first but you can see part of them by the wheel.

  • Great change

    This article has to be a joke. I seriously do not understand the people who think that rules being enforced is a problem. The police have not been harassing people. They have not be not been unjustly ticketing or arresting people. The people getting tickets or arrested are violating state/city laws or have warrants out for their arrest. It’s simple don’t break the laws and you won’t have any issues.

    The island is a thousand times cleaner then it has been it years past. I’ve walked my dog their almost everyday for the past several years.
    This is the first year I’m not constantly stepping around/over empty liquor bottles and broken glass. Before on an average walk I would see 20-50 liquor bottles thrown about. Now I might see one.
    I’m also not in nearly as much fear of being hit by a speeding car or having to jump out of the way as one comes flying around a turn towards my direction.
    Yes there is a different vibe at belle isle but not in a bad way. It’s a much friendlier place to go.

    On a side note every cop I have spoken to on belle isle has been nothing but nice polite and kind. I’ve watched more then a few of the officers go out of their way to help someone one and to be polite and take the time to stop and say hello to people and chat with them for a few.

  • Cotton

    Belle Isle has leaped ahead light years but evidently the writer preferred the place when none of the public facilities worked, trash was everywhere, and hoodlums and criminals ran amok. You’d think only reptiles would love dangerous, filthy conditions but evidently so does the Metrotimes.

  • tweb74

    It looks to me that he’s several feet behind her and not questioning her. She’s safe to use the park. If she bumps into the car in front of her on her way out, she won’t have to jump off the bridge to her death as happened in the past when thugs ruled the park