New Baltimore is ranked Michigan’s safest city

March 4, 2014

New Baltimore has published a list of the safest cities to live in Michigan. See it here.

New Baltimore is the winner, with Hamburg Township, Riverview, Grosse Ile Township, and Berkley completing the top five.

Have a look at the list. Does this seem accurate to you? Is your city on here? Spot any flaws with the scores? Let us know.

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  • John

    I live in New Baltimore. Can confirm absolutely nothing crazy happens here.

  • David Orozco

    I also live in NB and it’s the best and safest in the Nation!

  • Ashley

    Like I was told growing up, “there’s trouble everywhere you go, either you find it or it finds you.” Sadly New Baltimore and Algonac are the main cities with the prescription drug epidemic, abusers and users everywhere. Also, the new capital of heroin, heroin related deaths, overdoses, and heroin related break-ins. My whole 2005 graduating class, outta over 1500students maybe 700 are still alive from suicides or overdoses. If you consider that safe, more power to you. Chesterfield right around the corner is where all the people that can no longer afford to live in Detroit with the raised tax brackets are bombarding.. I’ve stayed in this town, and Chesterfield the past 15yrs and have watched something once nice, go to complete hell. Any town home complex you go to, charges 800-1500 per mth, to anyone white. You move in, and realize all your neighbors are paying 75a mth, being on section 8. they label it as a mixed community, yet you feel out of place being the only white family in there. If you have children, the bullying is unreal. Starting at 5yrs old children are now learning about sex and drugs being in school around their friends. Or going outside to play, a 5yr old girl being surrounded by kids she just wants to play with, being the parent looking out your window seeing kids between 6-13 yrs of age surrounding your daughter taunting a child that never experienced anything besides peaches and cream, its sad. If that’s considered safe, keep on to your research. But dig a little deeper, societies going to hell nowadays and within the next ten yrs, good ol nb and chesterfield will be overran…

  • Ashley

    Also, the MOST REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS live and reside in NB, look it up on Otis yourself. In MI, check the statistics. This is a whole city covered in a mask with pretty things everywhere, and historic EVERYTHING standing…. Of course it’ll be alluring. Dig Deeper….

  • Ashley

    EVERYTHING I’VE POSTED, may sound negative and like I hate this town. I used to love it when I first moved in 2000. However, everything is available to you to research and all true…. A Lil boy, back in the summer between 2005-2007 was mentally challenged. Taken into the woods out in Marine City, raped, beaten and left for dead at under eleven yrs of age by an 17/18yr old. Incest factor, there’s another check to research. Mancinos, Justin Mellow…. Recently, Johnny Honeycutt. As well as all the recent deaths in past Mth, Jessa Mair, Chris Marlow, Trail Combs…. That’s just a couple. My fb has been on overload past two mths with all the deaths in this city….. 4-5buildings and a pet grooming place, in ten yrs watch how much like Detroit it’s going to start looking. Take a look at the beautiful waterfront park, about nicest standing facility left is Brandenberg Park. All the trails, gone and overran by teens. MacDonald Elementary in Casco MI(10 mins away) there are teens up there while kids are in school fornicating on all the playground equipment. As well as parks in the suburbs, or off sugarbush rd…. To wrap this up, nomatter where you go, your not safe from it. The world has changed, its turning to rape, drug abuse, murder. There’s evil everywhere. It’s all about what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming susceptible to these temptations. I’ve maintained a clean and drugfree existence. I moved from 23/jefferson to 8/vandyke. Let me tell you, this town may not look safe, but surprisingly I’ve been safer here than EVER out there. Funny thing is, less “mixed community” living out here as well. Same amount of whites as minorities out here, and can walk safely at night with protection obviously being a woman. Never once had to use it. Never been approached or had my daughter approached by a stranger trying to get her in their cars. Less catcalls from CITY WORKERS of NB and POLICE FORCE. Only time cops are called out here is if there is someone dying. Out there, your police force bribes managers at their fav convenience stores so they are able to maintain a wk off work for Jobbie Nooner…. with pics of them being nude.. (KATHY, former manager of 7-11). Bottom line, there’s corruption out there, and out here. Your city is only as safe as you in your heart feel. What I’ve shared are just a few of the issues I’m aware of in your city as well as your police force. Thank you for reading.

  • Dawn Beito

    Bull I live in New Baltimore, few murders, lots of robberies, kidnapping…. yeah not the safest. But it is safer then most.

  • b4D

    Hi Ashley. Sooo around eight hundred kids from ya class died eh? Wow.Corruption amongst the police? NEVER! Little kiddie thugs peddling biggie big boy drugs? UNHEARD OF ANYWHERE! Pedophiles projecting perverse Leers manifest in yer imaginary fears? no no no Ya sew full of it and or yaself. This town is as safe and slow as your weak rant Rolls. the only real sadness is your poor Facebook page loaded with news about cadavers! BUT YOU LOVE THIS TOWN! Go visit Baghdad if ya wanna sing sad. poor thing. get outside sometime.