Modeshift: WSU, Henry Ford ask for further review of I-94 widening

March 17, 2014

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The saga of the proposed widening and reconstruction of I-94 continues.

The Michigan Department of Transportation took to its online blog last month to showcase why $2 billion should be spent reconstructing the freeway between I-96 and Conner Avenue. Officials have, as of late, suggested the project — which would widen the freeway one lane in each direction and implement continuous service drives — could begin as early as 2016.

But now it turns out that projected start date could be delayed, reports Mode Shift, an online news hub. Last year, Henry Ford Health System and Wayne State University sent a request to MDOT to reopen an environmental review of the project.

HFHS sent its request last November in a letter to MDOT’s Metro Detroit Manager of Planning Jim Schultz. Wayne State followed suit in December with a similar letter addressed to the agency and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, the organization that authorized the renovation last summer.

Under the National Environmental Policy Act, stakeholders can request a supplemental in order to reconsider significant changes to a federally-funded project that have taken place after an initial Environmental Impact Statement. Once initiated the process would temporarily halt the project.

The letters offered a number of recommendations to MDOT’s proposal, Mode Shift reports. Metro Times detailed the freeway project, and some of the concerns offered by critics, in a cover story from last year.


  • nobsartist

    Why not just fix the freeways? We don’t need more lanes, the traffic no longer warrants it. What we need are roads that have no craters so all lanes can be used, all of the time. I will bet that if the state only maintained the roads, there would be NO budget surplus. Its time for an audit to see where those gas tax dollars are really going.