Michigan RNC Candidate: GOP Should Consider ‘Purging’ Gays from Party

February 7, 2014
Mary Sears feels Satan is to blame for homosexuality.

Mary Sears feels Satan is to blame for homosexuality. (Source: Schoolcraft County Republican Party website)

Terri Lynn Land said last week she’d relinquish her role as a Michigan committeewoman for the Republican National Committee to focus more on her U.S. Senate bid.

Her possible replacement? An evangelical anti-gay fanatic from Houghton County, who likely falls to the right of embattled anti-gay Facebook posting fanatic Dave Agema, reports Chad Selweski of The Macomb Daily.

Mary Helen Sears of Houghton County (located near the very northern tip of the U.P.) is clearly in the Religious Right mold and, as recently as last March, she called for the purging of all gays and lesbians from the Republican Party.
Agema thinks that gays live a “filthy” lifestyle; Sears thinks they are the work of the devil.
Apparently some Republican insiders are so shaken by the prospect of having Agema and Sears as Michigan’s two representatives on the RNC that they’re growing concerned about two mainstream Republicans in the three-person field splitting their votes, thereby allowing Sears to claim victory.
The other two candidates, according to Selweski’s report, are the daughter of someone from the Romney family and the ex-wife of state Sen. Roger Kahn of Saginaw Township.
Selweski cites a March 2013 column written by Sears on the Schoolcraft County Republican Party website titled “End Of The GOP?” Sears stresses that the GOP must consider “purging” gays from the party in order to survive. She also uses plenty of tent analogies:
A tent by its very nature is inclusive and exclusive. There are things the tent owner will allow in and others he will fight to the death to keep out.
The GOP is not the tent owner, it is the tent. Our party, like our boarder states have accepted the slow creep of intrusion until they are confused as to where their boarders truly lies. The voting members of the GOP are the tent owners. It is they who decides what the party stands for and what it stands against or what it lets into its tent and what it keeps out. With this idea in mind, we must ask ourselves, “How do we determine our belief system?”

The GOP is not a tent, it is the tent, see?

The state’s Republican leaders have done cartwheels and somersaults to downplay Agema’s bombastic Facebook rants and paint themselves as representatives of a party that accepts all. Imagine if they never figure out how to actually boot Agema and wind up having two gay-bashers sent to the RNC?

Here’s another choice cut from Sears’ column on her feelings toward gays (and tents):

How then can we as Christians stay in a party that adopts Homosexuality into the fabric of the tent. I say we cannot. Homosexuals make up less than one percent of the total population. They must prey on our children to increase their numbers.

  • wiredpup

    Gee, I really hope her hate helps her feel better about herself.

  • jcjjr1956

    Who is this person, where in “Hell” did she come from. Satan please come get her. This is the 21st century. At this time we focus and try to rectify our own flaws. We no longer blame others for our f ups.

  • Katina Cooper

    Wait for a few days. The republicans will suddenly find some old parchment that says Satan is a woman, and a lesbian, and that’s why we’re having all these problems. It will come out before the republican men realize that republican women vote.

  • Kenny

    Why have the people of Michigan allowed themselves to be taken over by the Republican/Tea Party?

  • ashcurio

    I think I would be afraid of gays too if I had a perm like that.

  • RetiredBrady

    She is single-handedly doing what she wishes for; gays and other empathetic, “thinking” Americans all over the country are leaving the GOP in droves. They will vote for Dems at the mid-terms because of people like her representing the Republican Party.

    Good job, Mary! Keep up the good work. Democrats in our country thank you for your free advertising as to what kind of people make up the GOP.

  • Guy Lauten

    Hey Reince… How’s that “re-branding” thingy goin’ for ya’?

  • rls321321

    Religion Fu..cks ppl up so bad. I think that says it all.

  • basicfoodgroup

    Oh snap!

  • motcollins

    Funny how these Republicans can’t decide whether Obama is a socialist or a fascist, yet it is they themselves who throw out words like ‘perversion’ and ‘purges’. If the GOP wants to be the party of dominionists and grifters, they are well on their way. If not, they are screwed.

  • WS

    Mary Sears: Satan has been working through heterosexual people long before he ever worked through gays. The reason is because they’re the ones who keep having GAY babies! You need to take a stand against these couples for carrying on Satan’s work before you blame their children.

    While claiming religious piety you stand there with stones in your hands ready to cast, given the first opportunity, at LGBT citizens. This is in direct contradiction to the teachings of your own religion. You make a mockery of religion and your “purging” language sounds strikingly reminiscent of the burning of heretics during the middle ages, the Salem witch trials in America and a certain political party in Germany about 80 years ago. You should be kept as far away from government as possible because it is painfully obvious that you have no grasp of religious freedom, don’t understand the democratic principles this nation was founded upon and have no capacity to respect any religious and spiritual beliefs other than your own.

    Who is your next target – women who use birth control?

  • Mark

    Anyone got a baseball bat?

  • Mark Feldberg

    “…Me thinks she doth protest too much…” Dear Mary Helen Sears, I have a feeling that you are fighting off your lesbian tendencies.. Just come out of the closet and every one will accept you and you will be ok.

  • Spread The Truth


    Finally, someone is calling for a little bit of basic human decency and dignity!

  • Johnce

    It’s a shame that such an ignorant and hate-filled person can become prominent in the historic party of Lincoln.

  • Sharon LaCouture

    Why do they associate homosexuality with pedophilia?
    They are so ignorant. Makes me sick!

  • foreverarebel

    20497 W Second, Ripley, MI – from public records for Houghton County – I plan on sending her a nice postcard from the gay parade. hope she enjoys it.

  • Willy

    God Bless America! It’s only a matter of time before this absurd collection of ignorant, racist, hatemongering Christian fanatics and trolls utterly destroy the last vestiges of the GOP. Keep talking. PLEASE, keep talking! The more these ignorant hillbillies run their mouths, the more people will wake up to the fact that they are a party stuck in the past, promoting hatred and division. AWESOME!

  • Willy

    Ahem: you must have missed the memo from Reince Priebus and the GOP leadership (read: Rush Limbaugh, et. al.). We’re already there…

    Women who use birth control, even for health reasons, are filthy, dirty whores, who MUST NEVER receive contraceptive coverage in their health plan that would enable their promiscuous lifestyle choice. Although, they are one step above the filthy, dirty whores who get raped and then MUST NEVER be allowed to abort their rapist’s spawn, because 1) They were raped because they dressed like filthy, dirty whores and deserved it, or 2) They lied about being raped to destroy the life of the man they chose to have sex with and then regretted it later. Don’t you people know that the very few women who LEGITIMATELY get raped never have to worry about getting pregnant because the body has ways “to shut that whole thing down”.

    …and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the filthy, dirty whores who carry their rapist’s baby to term EVER receive public assistance of any kind.

    Welcome to today’s Republican Party!

  • Redleg81

    ” Boarders ” — Sheesh!

  • wayne

    …not to worry….simply a restatement of the GOP platform…..