There is a Michigan gubernatorial race. There are polls.

July 15, 2014

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Whether or not you buy stock in horserace political coverage, this was released today: a national poll conducted for NBC News has incumbent Republican Gob. Rick Snyder edging his Democratic Party challenger, former U.S. Rep. Mark Schauer, by two points. The margin of error is 3.3 percent.

The problem with stories on newly-released polls, as Eric Baerren points out today, is they offer the least-substantive coverage of a race. They’re mostly devoid of any stances the candidates take on issues. If anything, they’re filler stories for print. But, if you like to keep up on this sort of thing, another poll was released Tuesday, as MLive reports:

Another poll released Tuesday by Vanguard Public Affairs shows Snyder has a significant lead over Schauer: 43-35. A remaining 22 percent said they are still undecided. That poll, conducted by Denno Research, surveyed 600 likely Michigan voters between July 9 and 11. There is a margin of error of plus-minus 4 percent.

Wider gap, sure. Zach Pohl, Schauer campaign spokesperson, says that’s no big deal. He tells MLive“Governor Snyder should be worried. The fact that a universally known Republican is below 50 and in a dead heat this far out shows that he is in serious trouble.”

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  • Barth Gimball

    Mark Schauer CAN beat Snyder if he starts doing something that he has FAILED to do so far:GET OFF HIS ASS AND CAMPAIGN.
    So far what have we heard from Schauder? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!
    Where has he been making appearances? N-OW-H-E-R-E!
    Has he made any media appearances(tv, radio, newspape)? N-O-P-E!
    I can only guess that the Democrats DON’T WANT TO WIN HERE IN MICHIGAN.
    Maybe they think its a lost cause.
    and if the Republicans get reelected, then it probably is.

  • Barth Gimball

    Look There are ways for Democrats in Lansing(Governor and LEGISLATIVE) to WIN and WIN BIG.
    1) SUPPORT 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.. STOP PUSHING FOR GUN CONTROL. Face it gang, Michiganders LOVE..THEIR..GUNS. Face facts, THEY WANT THEIR GUNS. And right now, they BELIEVE that Democrats want to take them away. Sooo logic and common sense dictate that the Democrats not only STOP PUSHING GUN CONTROL and EMBRACE a person’s right to bear arms and embrace it early and often. Otherwise the voters will vote in the most extreme, right winged lunatic into office.
    2) CAMPAIGN. That means go out onto the hustings and spread the message, press the flesh, kiss the babies and LISTEN.. Here’s some suggestions for campaign stops. Kalamazoo River, the sight of the Enbridge Oil Spill. Promise that this will NOT happen again. DETROIT. Promise to end the economic blight. COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. Promise to end tuition hikes. Movie studios. Promise to RESTORE THE FILM TAX CREDITS. UNION HALLS: Repeal Right to Work. RETIREMENT HOMES. End the taxing of pensions.
    3) DEAL WITH BREAD AND BUTTER ISSUES. Forget the pie in sky issues like abortion rights or gay marriage and deal with REAL ISSUES THAT AFFECT MICHIGAN VOTERS. Stuff like ROADS, JOBS, EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE PENSIONS, POVERTY.
    Let’s stop the herbal tea, coffee house, kumbaya liberalism and get LYNDON JOHNSON on things(Minus Viet-Nam of course)