[MAP] Just Another Fantasy Detroit Public Transit System

January 30, 2014


The folks over at Wired recently published a post detailing a bunch of fake public transit systems everyone wish existed, and the above map of Detroit was among the mix.

Take pause, and enjoy the endless potential and ease this system offers on your next 2 hour cross town RTA ride.

(Map concert originally crafted by Jackson Woods.)

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  • sK


  • Zosimoff

    *SIGH* If only!

  • Kimberly Zatkoff

    Looks the the 2 hours went right over everyone”s head. LOL

  • Suzanne Janik

    Why would you turn Campus Martius into the Transit Center when Rosa Parks is a few blocks away… Yes I would like to stand in the park with all the people waiting for the bus

  • bd

    That would be awesome! Let’s get building!!! ;)

  • Staci Hirsch

    I’m currently in D.C. which has 6 train lines. This stuff above is just a start until we get folk to move back to the city.

  • dewey

    We have all the mass transit we’re likely to get. We have the Pigeon Mover, which goes nowhere and not fast, MDOT buses whose routes can be followed in real time on a dialup connection, and the proposed new light rail system that will feature hundreds of feet of travel up and down Woodward.

  • JVHome

    I just moved back from DC and would LOVE to see this. It would attract more people back home and encourage people to start spending more time and more money in the city. And it would take a large workforce to run a metro system of that size. All good for the D!

  • Detroit Dude

    OK, as far as it goes. What about the intersection of 8 Mile and Woodward, the former State of Michigan Fairgrounds? It connects 11 communities from the Detroit River to Pontiac, and 13 cities from St Clair Shores to Novi. Wouldn’t that be an IMPORTANT stop/station for public transit? Of course, improving on DDOT’s Detroit routes would be crucial.