Man wanted for 3 Michigan robberies arrested after posting selfie on Facebook

March 10, 2014
(via Facebook)

(via Facebook)

In the latest bout of dumb criminal news, a New York man suspected of robbing three Michigan banks was arrested recently after posting a selfie to Facebook.

Jules Bahler, a 21-year-old genius from Brooklyn, N.Y., was linked to two bank robberies in Pontiac, as well as a third armed robbery in Bay City, where he allegedly brandished what appeared to be a black submachine gun, The Detroit News reports — a weapon eerily similar to one featured in a selfie uploaded to Bahler’s Facebook page right after the robbery occurred.

What’s more, in all the excitement of robbing a bank and rushing home to post about it for his 206 Facebook friends, it appears that Bahler, who goes by “King Romeo” on Facebook, overlooked a simple wardrobe change. Authorities noted that he seemed to be wearing the exact same clothes in his selfie that he was in the third bank’s security footage. #oops.

But Bahler’s social media faux paus don’t end there. His Facebook page also boasted a picture of a house he claimed he had just bought in Pontiac.

Oakland County police decided to pay Bahler a visit at his new digs. When the suspect left in his vehicle, he was stopped and searched. Police discovered a duffel bag containing a black submachine gun and later located some of the clothing worn during the third robbery.

Bahler was arrested and admitted to the three crimes.

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  • ElDiablo

    So big brother is monitoring facebook pages pretty hardcore. out of hundreds of millions of profiles the NSA can scan them all and pretty fast. You are all slaves to the new world order

  • Mr. Common J. Sense

    …and you’re posting in the comments section and using the interwebs…you think they can only find you if you have Facebook lol