Man accidentally shoots himself in the head while demonstrating gun safety

February 24, 2014


An Independence Township man accidentally shot himself in the head last night while attempting to show his girlfriend a thing or two about gun safety.

Apparently the man, who’d been slinging back adult beverages for much of the day, was demonstrating the safety features of his three handguns by holding them to his head and pulling the trigger when suddenly the third weapon discharged, lodging a bullet into the poor chap’s noggin.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene, and medical examiners concluded that the man had, indeed, failed his own impromptu gun-safety course. An autopsy with the Oakland County Medical Examiner is pending.

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  • Bruce Channell

    Brilliant!Obviously he didn’t read the part about handling firearms and “slinging back adult beverages”….

  • scotto

    A good candidate for the 2014 Darwin awards…

  • Narby1

    We lost another good guy with a gun.

  • Dammit

    Aaaaaaand yet another drunk moron who will add to the “firearm related death” tally that liberals will use as proverbial ammunition to cite the danger of firearms in their attempt to further restrict their possession/use. Nice going, dickhead.

  • Clara Forsythe


  • SMU2004

    See? Sometimes guns DO make the world safer.

  • F Fletch

    Yep, I guess I must be a god-forsaken liberal who wants to point out that guns are bad for people. Why the quotation marks around fire-arm-related death?