Legislature Set to Require Abortion Rider Policy

November 26, 2013

Vocal Minority Organizes Ballot Initiative …

abortion 2IN THE WORLD of politics, the male-dominated realm of imposing values on women’s reproductive choices has again come into full relief, this time in the form of a controversial initiative that would require women to buy an additional rider on their health insurance if they wanted abortion coverage.

The deadline passed yesterday without a single challenge, thereafter the more than 315,000 signatures supporting the requirement were submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State. The requirement would prohibit abortion coverage from being included in standard insurance policies.

The Secretary of State subsequently certified the petition drive that Michigan Right to Life spearheaded, saying the organization exceeded the number of valid signatures required to start the ball rolling on the new state law; a minimum of 258,088 valid signatures were needed. According to the Secretary of State’s office, the anti-abortion activists turned in 315,477 signatures and the office’s elections division estimated that 299,941 of those signatures were valid.

The state Board of Canvassers will meet at 9:30 a.m. Dec. 2 to certify the signatures and then the petition moves to the state Legislature, which has 40 days to approve, reject or do nothing with the legislative ballot initiative.

Should the proposal become law, it would require all private and public health insurance plans to offer a separate rider for an abortion — and women would have to buy that rider before knowing if they needed an abortion. They would not be able to buy the rider after getting pregnant by any means, including rape or incest.

Abortion protesters“We don’t have a decision yet on what action we’re going to take,” Ari Adler, spokesman for Speaker of the House Jase Bolger (R-Marshall), told the Detroit Free Press. “We’re waiting until we have it in hand.”

With strong anti-abortion majorities in both chambers of the Legislature, the initiative has a good chance of passing and immediately becoming law, and because it is a legislative ballot initiative, Gov. Rick Snyder cannot sign it or veto it.

If the Legislature rejects or does nothing with the legislative ballot initiative, it will go to the November 2014 ballot for a statewide vote.

With few options, pro-choice supporters have little recourse other than to appeal directly to the legislators and convince them that a vocal yet organized minority is attempting to impose its will on the public. There are more than 7.4 million registered voters in Michigan and 315,477 signatures represents slightly more than 4 percent of them.

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  • sensoria

    Wow! I’m glad you guys finally got around to covering something related to health care. It’s been real quiet around there for the last, oh, five or six weeks.

  • Jacci

    where are these people are making a decision to transferable question should be ashamed of yourself. for being that you’re not 11 a 12 year old daughter the kids are missing girl in his rate several days later in the forest to keep the baby of the raping headed to be your dad your brother your neighbor or even a school teacher or maybe one of those registered sex offenders who lives down the block from you will you don’t know. I wish nothing bad on anyone not even my enemies for those who believe in the right a policy for shoes for boys she owes who do not believe in abortion at all, I don’t home picture minor child is raped by a rapist forced to have the baby but how would you feel if your 9 year old or your 19 year old daughter was raped in force to raise the baby of the rapist remember abortion is a something taken lightly and those who do it, I thought the decision over again sometimes you don’t have a choice sometimes you have to do it because it is the right thing rape is never incest is never something that should be taken lightly need to shell abortion. and there’s no time when you can decide to put a rider on insurance for abortion. Julie a woman doesn’t know exactly when she wants to get pregnant and generally a woman doesn’t know when she’s going to be late or a victim of incest so how can you know when to put a writer on considering you need to be an adult to make the decision of a writer when does a parent decide to put a writer on their insurance for their daughter or son, yes I said son what your son is raped by teacher and she doesn’t want a divorce in sushi be forced to have one because she raped your minor son should your son be forced to have a child by his rapist teacher Dr Mentor anyone for that nature even a family member should have a daughter be forced how’s the baby whoever cohort were forced her into sex and now she’s pregnant no one should be forced to do anything there are things of growing up in your parents making you eat your broccoli but making you have a child for whatever unfortunate circumstances should not be forced on anyone.

  • sensoria

    Excellent points, all.

  • nobsartist

    They need to pass this quickly because they are all soon to be aborted along with DICK Snyder.