“Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom!” In Detroit!

June 6, 2014

Some 45,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses will take to Ford Field today, to kick off a series of International conventions.

The theme is “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom!”

“Our international conventions are thrilling and festive occasions to attend. We think the public will also enjoy these events with us as we gather together as families and friends for what promises to be an exceptional series of programs.”

The event coincides with their belief that God’s Kingdom is now 100 years old:

“the program will highlight a central theme of the Bible and two core beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses: that God’s Kingdom was established in 1914 and that Jesus Christ is the King of that Kingdom. Really, the convention marks the centennial of God’s Kingdom.”

There’s no fee or charge to attend, and no collection will be taken.

  • Alex

    For over 140 years the end has been ‘just around the corner’ or ‘at hadn’ or ‘closer than you think’.
    How much more time does this ‘new American religion’ gonna play their game?
    Why did God create a space of almost 2000 years to have a ‘organizaton’ along with a ‘governing boday’ (a term not foiund in scriptures)?

    Simple….because He didn’t.