Grosse Pointe Park builds snow wall

February 13, 2014

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Real estate blog Curbed Detroit caught some guff last year for a headline on a story about a developer’s plans to construct an entertainment district in Grosse Pointe Park that would effectively cut off access on Kercheval to and from Detroit.

The theme of that headline, “Cut the Road: Grosse Pointe Park Retail Doesn’t Want Detroit,” was reprised last week when a photo surfaced of a snow pile dumped across Kercheval.

The way we at the Hits understand things, it’s not exactly kosher to set up a blockade of snow along a main corridor in town. But the Grosse Pointe Park public works department told us it’s how they run the shop.

“We push (the snow) to the end of the road,” a rep from the department says, adding, “We end up removing it afterwards.”

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  • Kevin

    It’s already gone. The road was closed anyway due to a gas line problem.

  • GP For Life

    I’ve never seen people make such a stink.

    MT, I think you should do another article about this.

  • Earwiss

    In accordance with State Law (Public Act 82 of 1978) it is
    prohibited for property owners and/or contractors from depositing
    snow, ice, and/or slush onto or across roadways or highways.
    Also, snow must not be piled in such a way as to obstruct
    motorists’ vision. Failure to comply could result in fines and costs
    reaching $500 upon court conviction.

  • MFC

    Must have been a hell of a problem, wasn’t that street closed since, I think November? October?

  • Reelin

    I’m all for land mines….

  • Brian Mccann

    keep them people out of Detroit.