Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Shinola street clock tagged

March 10, 2014

Courtesy of Hank Winchester’s Facebook.

As WDIV-TV reporter Hank Winchester points out on his Facebook page, one of local watchmaker Shinola’s new Detroit street clocks has been tagged with graffiti just days after being unveiled. The clock is located near Shinola’s retail store near Cass and Canfield, and is one of four given to the city as a gift (and slick PR move for a company whose brand narrative is all about giving to Detroit).

Speaking of brand narratives, many on Facebook were quick to sneer “SEE! This is why Detroit can’t have nice things!” — as if graffiti is a plague that afflicts only our crime-ridden city. The fact is, every major city has graffiti — and in any other city, it would just be shrugged off and hit with some Goo Gone and a rag the next morning.

EDIT: Speaking of having nice things, we notice the clock hands in Winchester’s photo are stuck at midnight. Shinola, you might want to get on that!

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  • Jon

    Good stuff Leo. HAH!

  • tmaniaci

    …unless the picture was taken at noon.

  • Zak

    Are these giant pocket watches the same scale as the Olga’s sign downtown?

  • RowdyYates

    Yeah, we should just minimize this kind of thing. Go ahead and sign your tagger name on all the nice things in Detroit, we don’t care here. Every city has graffiti, right?

    There isn’t enough goo-gone to clean this city up. Maybe you haven’t been to other cities in a while, but they aren’t covered in graffiti to the extent Detroit is. The last few years it has gotten much much worse, and the vandals don’t care if a building is occupied or not. And in Detroit, the moment a building becomes abandoned it is trashed by these vandals immediately. Especially the schools that have been closed. Thanks for encouraging your readers to not care, Metrotimes.

  • ed

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Matt

    They have not installed the electrical that will run the clock… that will happen this week.

  • Batman

    Amazing how people have the ability to whitewash everything about Detroit. Not only have they already tagged the clock they also managed to mark up the new Van Dyke bridge over I-94. What a pathetic city.

  • RowdyYates

    And I am one of the people who wrote “this is why we can’t have nice things” on facebook. because it’s true. and it’s this author’s attitude that enables vandals to continue marring this city up. people should care when the nice things in this city are disrespected. just because graffiti is a given in every big city, it doesn’t mean you should just pretend it doesn’t exist.