Duggan Is Detroit’s Next Mayor

November 6, 2013

In The Bag Before 11 p.m.

Afdugganter arguably one of the most fitful starts a Detroit political campaign has faced in, … maybe forever, Mike Duggan’s electoral victory in the Motor City signals that identity politics no longer trumps economic crisis.

Before 11 p.m. on Tuesday, 100 percent of precincts were reporting that Duggan had won the vote by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent for challenger Benny Napoleon.

Addressing supporters, Duggan expressed gratitude calling the past year “amazing.” He also congratulated Napoleon for executing a tough race that narrowed in the waning days as well as the Wayne County sheriff’s commitment to Detroit.

“When I started on this campaign, I was not under any illusion about the racial division in this country,” Duggan said, “and I said from the beginning that the only way I could get past it was to sit with you … and get to know you one by one.”

Duggan will be the first white mayor of Detroit since before the legendary Coleman Young took office in 1974.

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  • Antonio

    Everything Mike Duggan touches turns to gold for somebody… look him up:

    Look up the no-bid contracts under corrupt Mcnamara regime.

    DMC– wasn’t saved it was sold… from nonprofit-to a for profit hospital. He was also anti-union while there.

    EAA– He was briefly secretary of a system that turns the lowest achieving public schools in for-profit charter schools, yet they dnt actually take all bottom 15% schools, just the Detroit ones…

    I pray he doesn’t sell off Detroit too.. but the writing is on the all… Everyone knows thats the Emergency Manger is doing…

    By the way, Duggan helped select the EFm… lol and he says he opposes it… SMFH….

    Look at the Detroit Future city plan. Detroiters are disposable… they want to get us DETROITERS off the land to sell it off, because we are in the way of redevelopment of large swaths of land… Hantz farm is the beginning.

    2.8 million from his super pac…. unlimited campaign donations… This is democracy incorporated. When Democrats in name only buy positions at the right time with the right track record to sell off detroit piece by piece… its already happening..will he step in front of this boulder? Doubt it.

    Neoliberal America.

  • Greg LaLiberte

    The primitives in Detroit have to be corralled and led back in civilization by men such as His-Honor The Mayor Mr. Duggan.

  • Albert Porter

    YOU MAKE TO, TOO, TOOO MUCH TRUTH!!!!!!!!! & you are so “RIGHT ON”.

  • JJ

    Does these election results mark the end of the peoples’ International Crossing, with Manny Maroun gaining permanent control of the Detroit-Windsor border? A new Manny Maroun bridge would be disastrous for both nations. People, stand up and demand that the new federally-funded and publicly-owned Detroit River bridge be built NOW!

  • Antonio

    I know you’re trolling, looking to get a reaction… But i feel very bad for your children and for you.

    I’m assuming you have a low education, and the sad thing about whites with this perspective is that the wealthy like Duggan think the same thing about you. Youre less than human to them, you identify with whiteness and with that white privilege, but you dont enjoy it because you’re poor and ignorant, in fact you probably have more in common with Detroit’ers than you do with people of Duggan’s class.

    Youre a slave.

  • frankthemurph

    You’re a whiny twerp.