Detroit Police Rough Up Fox 2′s M.L. Elrick at City Council Meeting

January 29, 2014


Things are off to a good start with the new City Council. Fox 2′s M.L Elrick attended the first city-wide community meeting Tuesday night, and apparently got roughed up by Detroit police as President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. arrived.

From My Fox Detroit:

Our cameras were rolling when President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. arrived, which seemed to have sparked a heated confrontation that started with Elrick getting shoved against a wall.

Elrick reports he was pushed into a wall at the time Cushingberry arrived at the meeting. You can see in the video the officers seem to clear a path for Cushingberry, while pushing Elrick aside, and Cushingberry walks by without even glancing over (SEE PHOTO).

The Detroit Police Department is looking into the incident.

Elrick reports police did not interfere when Council President Brenda Jones arrived, nor when Deputy Mayor of Detroit Ike McKinnon arrived. Elrick also spoke with councilmembers Andre Spivey and Scott Benson with no police interference.

Check out the video:

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    On Cushinberry’s FACEBOOK page he calls Elrick a prick……What a douche bag for a city clowncil member……lmfao…he fits right in.

  • Bill Boyd

    Leftover cops from Kwame’s regime. Now called Cushinberry Crooks

  • Elliot Lewkow

    It’s unfortunate that Detroit cops have earned the reputation for being nothing but thugs. One of my workers tried to get into the Pochartartain Crowne Plaza Hotel last Friday. The cop asked him for his “pass.” He politely replied I don’t have a pass, but I have a contract showing that I am working for Lear tonight, at the Charity Ball. The cop replied ” I guess you didn’t hear what I said” “You mouth off to me with one more word and I’m gonna rip your ass outta that truck & haul you off to jail” “You catch my drift?” This was a night when people from around the world were attending Detroit’s premiere event of the year. For every step we take forward it seems we are taking 2 steps back.