Detroit Metro Times Announces Merger With Real Detroit Weekly

May 5, 2014

The Detroit Metro Times, Detroit’s award-winning alternative weekly media company, is pleased to announce a new venture. Real Detroit Weekly, a Detroit-based alternative weekly paper since 1999, is merging with Detroit Metro Times today, making it the largest alternative newsweekly in Michigan. The new company will maintain the Metro Times name. Owner and publisher of Real Detroit Weekly, John Badanjek, will serve as president of events of the newly formed media company alongside Chris Keating, publisher of the Metro Times.

Real Detroit Weekly has published the best in music and entertainment coverage for over 15 years,” says Badanjek. “We’re excited to join forces with the Metro Times to create a ‘superweekly’ that will offer metro Detroiters more music, art, political, dining and nightlife coverage than previously possible.

“With an aggressive increase in circulation, the new paper will be capable of serving the needs of both Metro Times and Real Detroit Weekly readers. The new paper will feature the Metro Times’ award-winning journalism combined with Real Detroit‘s cutting-edge stories.”

Of the merger, Keating says, “John and I are both excited to merge these brands into one. Undeniably, it’s great to have a partnership where we maintain local ownership as well as continue to employ the hard-working people that really make these two papers great. Moving forward, the new company will take the best of both from Real Detroit Weekly and Metro Times — print, digital and events — and re-launch into a stronger and more balanced voice for the greater Detroit community. John will continue to raise hell, as he’s been doing for the past 15 years, and also focus on expanding our audience through an increase in signature events.”

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  • Didn’tMTjustsell?

    Local ownership?

  • specom2

    So you won’t be listing weekly events that were discontinued months ago anymore?

  • Ed

    Yay more ads for the shinyshirts- male hair products (including Rogaine) , books on how to pick up chicks, dick pumps …yay more comments from dbag suburbanites. Remember MT staff, your articles will need to be a paragraph or less, otherwise you’ll lose your audience. And try and be a little less “thinky”.

  • FR4F

    Congratulations! It’s great seeing two exceptional local periodicals come together for a greater common goal. This spirit embodies Metro-Detroit’s resurgence and First Responders For Fitness (a Public Safety NPO) is in full support of the John & Chris’ new merger. Wishing you all the very best!

  • Cromulent

    Yes, as if MT does “thinky” sooooooo well.

  • semnol

    Just don’t lose the transgender escort ads. That’s your bread and butter, baby! Maybe now you can fix the “print friendly” defect I’ve been complaining about for 3 years to no avail.

  • Willy

    This is satire, right?

  • george

    “Cutting-edge stories.”

  • bdcanuck

    No… It’s spam.

  • bdcanuck

    I’m going to nip your comment for the Slash Detroit news show. Boop! Thanks!

  • Sticky

    I always said if you could mesh the two, they’d be perfect.

  • Mojo

    I love both equally and it will be great to go to just one stop for all your insights
    Great business strategy and vision
    That’s not a surprise

  • FR4F

    Not in the least my friend. Just the honest opinion of a local organization deeply embedded in the success of the region.

  • FR4F

    On the contrary oh ye of inaccurate assessment :) One of the most revered characteristics of honorable journalism is the ability to deliver honest and accurate information to the readers. It’s admirable (at the least) when writers follow the rites of true Americans: innocent until proven guilty & “give a Joe an honest shake before going on a witch hunt”. However, freedom of speech is also 100% American and each individuals opinion has the right (and respect) to be heard.

  • A.L. Cadillac

    U MAD BRO?! Get a sense of humor. Besides, this thread died 7 days ago, right? Been on vacation?

  • FR4F

    Lol, mad?… not at all. I guess the joke went over my head. Perhaps you may be reading sarcasm into my reply. I assure you that is not the intent. Funny you mention it: actually was on vacation (off the grid) for 10 days.

  • bdcanuck

    You crowbarred your organization into the conversation. Want to exercise your first amendment right to talk about sneakers, speakers, or penis pills while you’re at it?

  • FR4F

    Now that is funny. I assure you crowbarring was not my intent. The First Amendment right you’re referring to was my way of respecting your initial opinion of “It’s spam”. It appears there is a gross misunderstanding of my remarks. If you are firm in your belief I will be more than happy to edit my initial comment so not to offend. Please advise.