Detroit meteorologist loses eye in Fourth of July fireworks accident

July 7, 2014
Photo via Twitter

Photo via Twitter

WXYZ-TV’s Chief Meteorologist, Dave Rexroth, was seriously injured this weekend during a fireworks accident while vacationing with his family in Iowa.

Details of the accident are scarce, though WXYZ reports the Fourth of July accident “caused Dave to lose sight in his left eye.”

Rexroth is currently receiving care at a hospital in Iowa City and is expected to undergo surgery this week, after which he’ll begin the process of finding a prosthetic eye.

No word yet on who will replace Rexroth on Channel 7 during the interim.

**Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Rexroth worked for Channel 5. That is incorrect. He works for Channel 7.

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  • Jen Evans

    I think you mean Channel 7?

  • Ruth Here

    Seriously? “begin the process of FINDING!! a prosthetic eye”?? The author of this article should really familiar herself with a dictionary. And, then writes Rexroth is on Channel 5?? Must be an intern.

  • Fairystinky

    You mean make herself familiar or familiarize herself with a dictionary. You ought to too if you are going to go all grammar Nazi on people.

  • Jennifer

    If you’re going to make an update to the article, based on the comments that were made earlier, the article needs to plainly state that a correction has been made. Additionally, the tags were not updated.

  • brenteesha

    That is HILARIOUS. They try to update the article on the sly and leave the tags incorrect. I thought Metro Times was better than this….

  • Norvell

    Praying for him and his family!!!

  • Cheyl Kelly

    You are correct! It is familiarize.