Detroit area code 313 may be phased out

April 24, 2014

313 (real)

Hey, everybody from the 313, start thinking of new numbers to rally around– the longstanding Detroit area code may be phased out.

Our friends over at the Detroit News report that pending a revised estimate next week, the North American Numbering Plan Administration will stop handing out 313 telephone prefixes on new phone numbers. Detroiters with existing cell phone lines would be able to keep their current area codes, while those with land lines would change.

via Detroit News:

The venerable 313 will ultimately become overtaxed. Even as Detroit’s population has fallen, cellphone usage has accelerated like one of those smoldering SRT Vipers that Dodge has been bolting together at Conner Avenue Assembly — which is, of course, comfortably within the confines of 313.

When the first five dozen area codes were assigned nearly 70 years ago, says NANPA’s Tom Foley, “that was expected basically to last forever.”

Instead, somebody invented fax machines, and then somebody else came up with cellphones, and lots of somebody elses decided to give them to 10-year-olds, and meantime the population grew to 300 million.

Now every telephone carrier is required to submit twice-yearly forecasts of its needs in each area code, factoring in everything from birth rates to the Detroit bankruptcy — “not something we stuck a number on,” Foley says, “but just something we took into account.

No word yet on what Detroit’s new area code could be.

  • Randy Burbach

    “Phased out” is entirely wrong as a headline. 313 will be used up. “phased out” indicates it will cease to exist. If they choose to ad a digit to area codes, it would also not be “phased out” – it would be replaced, probably with 3113, 3103 and 3123

  • jdubbayah

    Typically, American area codes will never be more than 3 digits. The current cell phone numbers will stay, as stated, however landlines will change, much like the 313/810/586 area code split back in the 1993 and 2001, respectively…

  • garylapointe

    I wonder about my Google Voice number? It’s a 313 that I’d hate to lose…
    Maybe I could convert it to a cell number?

  • David

    To bad 911 is already taken.

  • Randy Burbach

    At some point a new system will be needed…maybe. Perhaps with VoIP and other internet-based communications systems, the whole “phone number” paradigm might vanish

  • educate an empower

    The hipsters are gonna be PISSED!!!