Dan Gilbert loves the free publicity from insane $1 billion NCAA bracket bet

March 11, 2014
"Do I still get the sales pitch even though I won the money?"

“Do I still get the sales pitch even though I won the money?”

Free money! There’s been plenty of ink spilled over the $1 billion challenge from billionaire Warren Buffett and billionaire Dan Gilbert to pick a perfect NCAA March Madness bracket. The insane contest crafted by Buffett (net worth: $58.2 billion) and Quicken Loans Founder Gilbert (net worth: $3.5 billion) will award $1 billion to whomever actually manages to put together a perfect bracket in the 68-team tournament.

As you can expect, the odds are insane – like, 9.2 quintillion to 1, that is, if you have no knowledge of basketball. But that’s OK! You all should still try — because free money! Plus, you’ll make Dan Gilbert even happier:

[Buffett's] partner in all this is [Gilbert], who also owns the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Gilbert stands to gain as many as 15 million new sales leads with the registration process alone on this thing. “You can’t buy that kind of PR,” Gilbert says. “We love this.”

See, everyone wins! Even if you lose the contest, you’ll still come away with a free phone call from Quicken. Think of all the time you’ll spend explaining you don’t want to refinance your mortgage. You’re a winner!