Curt Guyette on the Detroit Water Crisis

June 20, 2014



As the Detroit Water Crisis worsens, and the people appeal to the United Nations for help, former MT investigative journalist Curt Guyette is covering the issue for the ACLU-Michigan:

“By denying water service to thousands, Detroit is violating the human right to water,” said Blue Planet Project Founder and Food & Water Watch Board Chair Maude Barlow. “After decades of policies that put businesses and profits ahead of the public good, the city now has a major crisis on its hands. It is shocking and abominable that anyone would be subjected to these conditions.”

What’s notable is that the struggle over water is neither limited to Detroit, nor new.

Read all about it here.

  • Kathryn Wakeford

    Be still liberal beating hearts. This is about a commodity that every body has to PAY for.

  • remerton

    May you have the opportunity to experience this firsthand, Kathryn Wakeford.

  • Kathryn Wakeford

    Oh yeah that hurt. And may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpit hair. I am tired of the entitlements, 40% percent of income paying for food and housing and apparently, now water.

  • remerton

    Hard to hurt people with no conscience, I suppose. You may return to your Fox & Friends broadcast day.

  • lewiston59

    You know Kathryn, you give “conservatives” a bad name. To worry or be concerned about folks who are poor and not getting water is not just a “liberal” concern, it is humane.

  • Brian Mccann

    doesn’t water come with your apartment??? some places that take section 8 give free water…. just move to those places?

  • Kathryn Wakeford

    Do you truly believe that 50 % of Detroit residents are too poor to pay their bill? No, they feel they are entitled NOT to pay their bill.
    Even the Detroit Public Schools system doesn’t pay their water bill.Plenty of taxpayer money already available to do so. This is generational entitlement that we need to be addressing, not enabling.

  • Tom S

    You die without water. “This is generational entitlement that we need to be addressing, not enabling.” That’s monumental ignorance and arrogance we needed to be confronting, not following!

  • javierjuanmanuel

    experience paying. Nah. If water is free, then I have been ripped off for 20 years. I want all my money back plus interest, and penalties. Maybe I can hitch myself to your wagon remerton. You like paying for people to not work. Cool, send me half of what you make pre tax. Ohh wait, you meant only OTHER people pay, and you get to take the credit and pat yourself on the back? Eff off.

  • javierjuanmanuel

    You may go back to your communist party meetings. How do you think this water plant will stay open ? Please answer that.

    I wonder if they took a survey, asked who thought water should be free, but tricked them and it was really a contract that they are opting in to pay if you thought water should be free, how many would object.

    If you think water should be free, work your job, save no money, and spend any left over being the water fairy paying off peoples bills like that poor starving 250 lb women in the picture.

  • javierjuanmanuel

    The UN thing is about use water to penalize people. It is about african war lords damning diverting a creek. It is about a military general/king using water to penalize his opponents. It means you do not deny people water that exists. Not that you treat water and pipe it to peoples homes for free …. ONLY in detroit.

    Why has the ACLU not been advocating for decades that white people in the burbs get free water. Please answer that.

  • javierjuanmanuel

    For decades it was subsidized by the burbs. Then even did something a few years ago like put 80 million worth of radios and cop gear on the water dept budget, and then made the burbs pay for detroit cops tech. That happened. The same people get paid because they are union to work or not work. No one cares. They do not collect water bills for decades. People grew to see free water as a right.

    Die with out water? Look up lakes in michigan. The great lakes are no more then something like 75-78 miles from any one spot. There is not one spot in the entire state that is more than 5 miles from a lake.

    We are almost drowning in water. There is free water everywhere. This is like there being a snow shortage at the top of alaskan mountain tops.

    Are you insane ?

  • lewiston59

    A lot of people live in apartment buildings where water is included, and landlords did not pay the bills.

  • lewiston59

    not just anyone can move to a Section 8 apartment