After closing yesterday, Mae’s Diner is open

June 25, 2014

Fans of Mae’s, the quirky diner where aebleskievers take the place of stodgy old flapjacks, have been fretting over the fate of the eatery. Mae’s was closed yesterday, and those in the know say the closing stemmed from a dispute between the owners, husband and wife team Sean and Jessica McCarthy. Mae’s Twitter feed seemed to confirm the trouble, attributing the one-day closing to “private issues.” One source close to the matter would only say of the dispute, “It’s bad.”

The good news is that the diner is open for business today, and that the prognosis for the cafe staying open seems very good indeed. Diners eager to try spherical pancakes might consider calling first, but our source says it’s “90 percent” likely to be open tomorrow.


  • Bingalls

    Good luck. Those of us who crave mitten-shaped biscuits will hang in there.

  • rmj

    Way to publicize what is probably a very difficult time for Sean and Jessica under the guise of news….weak.

  • Jessica McCarthy

    Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.

  • Jessica McCarthy

    Seriously? My private issue is PRIVATE and not up for the Metro Times to take guesses at. Your sources? Try asking the owner, me. I am so shocked and disheartened to find this on your website. Please do the correct thing here and take your gossip about my life off of your website. And one more thing…don’t bother dropping your publication off at my establishment effective immediately!

  • Ed

    MT, You guys are the best, your weekly is one of a kind. Please do not change a thing. Except this. I felt uncomfortable when someone in the neighborhood was talking to me about this situation. To see it here is a real drag. It’s reeeeeely no one’s business other than those directly involved. More rich on rich crime, please, Like Grosse Pointe dick girls getting all crimey on Gilbert. That’s fun.

  • Max Zetta

    With articles like this, Metro Times is quickly becoming the “rag” it sets out to be. Sordid info under the guise of being informative.__ How about “Hey Mae ‘s
    was closed yesterday they’re open today they’re located at __________check them out!”