Check out this video taken by a drone flying over Detroit landmarks

February 12, 2014

What do you get when you combine a $2,500+ drone kit, a GoPro camera, and Detroit landmarks like the Belle Isle bridge, Comerica Park, The Fox Theare, Michigan Central Station, and more? This video, apparently:

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  • Amy

    … wished they would have taken these shots during the summer…

  • Betty

    Less shots of ruin porn and more of the winter beauty the city has would have made this truly amazing!

  • Jack Ramsey

    For better or for worse, those drones+cameras seem bound to revolutionize law enforcement.

  • Christine Reed

    What is the point of all this? We all know the train station and old Packard plant are in ruins but the plant has recently been bought and there are plans for renovation and the train station is slowly being improved, despite its non-use except in films. Comerica park is off the hook in case you haven’t seen the Tigers play, and the state just took over Belle Isle. Yes it looks dreary. Its winter! Wtf do you expect?!

  • rob

    cant expect much—its detroit wtf????//

  • rob

    and if taking in the summer would look much worse….

  • T

    Yes, should have been summer! Dirty snow makes everything ugly!

  • glassnabber

    for one thing you wouldnt get the smells by camera.. the summer it reaks

  • Kate

    doesnt matter winter or summer there r beautiful places just need to show them…

  • mk

    Who did the music on this video?