Charlie LeDuff to host a Reddit Ask Me Anything

March 19, 2014



OK, we don’t want to overload you with Charlie LeDuff news this week, but we thought we should share a tidbit that the reporter/celebrity/polarizing figure will be doing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on March 26 at 3 p.m., according to the AMA schedule. So get your questions ready. Some ideas: Where does one get American flag cowboy boots? If Kwame Kilpatrick pulled his penis out and urinated on Michigan Avenue and then he started a fight and spit in somebody’s face, would he face 10 felonies? Does booze-soup taste good?


  • bill c

    How does an plagiarizing idiot win a Pulitzer Prize? :)

  • prymal

    Why is he such a self serving ass?

  • Drchopper74

    It seams that once someone has reached a certain level of secucess then everyone wants to bring them down. Why? He has done more for the good of Detroit then I’m sure anyone here has! Someone can have flaws and be a great person, some one can do a bad thing and make it up with 100′s of good things.

  • bill c

    Yes – you’re right. Hitler, John Wayne Gacy and Mussolini were very nice to their Moms! :)

  • Hoyt Holmes

    In today’s society, if you are a writer or artist at all, you MUST toot your own horn. It doesn’t work any other way. The man is a good investigative reporter and fine author. I agree that he has done a lot to expose the corruption in Detroit.