Beautiful Footage of Detroit Showcased in Red Bull Ad, Set to Air at Grammy Awards

January 25, 2014

Hey, Detroit, our city is being featured in a Red Bull sponsored ad, set to air during the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

The footage was curated by Detroit artist Tylonn Sawyer.

Here’s a sneak peek, thanks to Deadline Detroit. Look for it tomorrow night.

  • Sherrie Ann Petkus

    Don’t/won’t drink Red Bull but two thumbs up to an excellent commercial and support for the artists of the City of Detroit.

  • Gay Barkley

    Giving back to Detroit is a nice thing to do. There is hope for Detroit & Red Bull.

  • OldDman

    I guess they cut the “beautiful footage” out. Looks likes lots of empty buildings, torn down houses and buildings, and bulldozed lots. What, no footage of the real Detroit shithole buildings and housed falling down with trash all over?

  • Q_tips

    It would be nice to see the Red Bull Artists become as significant as the TED Talks. There is great talent in Detroit.

  • Christiane Fortin

    Fabulous presentation and happy it’s bringing joy to Detroit. I’m a truck driver and I roll by Detroit on a regular basis it will be a joyful day when we see people walking down the street with a beautiful smile on their faces.

  • John Miggins

    I love it

  • Guest