I-96 will be closed for months; here’s some other ways to get around construction

April 3, 2014
(Courtesty of MDOT)

(Courtesty of MDOT)

In case you weren’t aware, I-96 in Livonia between Newburgh and Telegraph roads will soon be closed for up to nine months. As the Freep notes today, that has numerous businesses along the freeway worried.

It also will be a pain for motorists — that is, until they find another way around construction. If you’re one of those people, don’t fret! It’ll all be over soon. In the meantime, here’s a list of suggested alternative routes from the Michigan Department of Transportation’s project website:

(If you’re heading from downtown Detroit to western Wayne County)

  • Take I-94 west to I-275 north;
  • I-96 west, to M-39 (Southfield Rd.) north, to M-10 west, to I-696 west, to I-275 south; or
  • Take M-10 west to I-696 west to I-275 south.

(For commuters heading in the opposite direction)

  • Take I-275 south to I-94 east;
  • Take I-275 north, to I-696 east, to M-10 east, to M-39 south, to I-696 east; or
  • Take I-275 north to I-696 east to M-10 east.

More than a dozen overpasses will be closed for reconstruction. You can check out which ones here. MDOT says the Telegraph and Newburgh roads entrance and exit ramps will remain open throughout the duration of the project.


  • jb

    If I’m not mistaken, M-10 (The Lodge) is signed as a North/South freeway, not East/West. Although the majority of the freeway runs in a diagonal, there is no Eastbound or Westbound M-10 in Southeast Michigan.

  • Willy

    Jesus help me.

    Take I-275 north, to I-696 east, to M-10 SOUTH, to M-39 south, to I-_96_ east.

    Next time, get someone who actually knows what the area roads are to write the directions.

  • Paul Haebig

    Any other city would expand public transportation in response to a major shut-down like this. But around here? “Alternate routes.”