Eight out of 25 of the fastest-shrinking U.S. cities are in Michigan

July 8, 2014

Bloomberg posted this list of the fastest-shrinking U.S. cities back in May, but we just noticed a sobering fact about the list — 8 out of the 25 of its cities are in Michigan.

Bloomberg ranked U.S. cities based on the percentage change in population from 2012 to 2013. Only cities with at least 50,000 residents as of 2013 were included. Michigan cities included Detroit (population drop of 1.41%, or 9,881), Saginaw (.91%, or 460), Dearborn (.80%, or 770), Dearborn Heights (.79%, or 452), Taylor (.79%, or 490), Livonia (.67%, or 640), and Flint (.65%, or 649).

It reminded us of author Rollo Romig’s New Yorker story about growing up in Detroit’s North Rosedale from last week: “Detroit has been shrinking for more than half a century—since well before the 1967 riots—and there are only two broad reasons why anyone stays: they have utopian ideas or they can’t afford to move.”

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  • Zukey Badtouch

    The smart money left years ago. You people would be wise to take the hint and GTFO.

  • J

    Foreclose on people’s houses and they are homeless with no address to call home. I’m sure a lot of these people are still around somewhere, off the grid. My house in Dearborn Heights was foreclosed on in 2011 and I still don’t have a permanent address, but I’m still around.

  • Mark Tucker

    “The smart money left” you say Z.B… I’d say you have to be pretty smart to become a billionaire in your lifetime (of course, using tax funded infrastructure, so is any self-made billionaire really self-made? But that’s another issue) and Dan Gilbert, who ranks somewhere around the 120th spot on Forbes for wealthiest individuals on the planet with about $4B, is investing HEAVILY in Detroit. He’s purchased 40+ downtown buildings since 2011. Buy low, sell high. And Detroit has several billionaires who are making a killing here. Some might even say Detroit is turning the corner. Let’s see where the smart money goes.

  • Matthew

    And 7 are in Wayne county LOL can we say democrats.

  • Steven King

    small brain and penis. ^