SXSW diary by Laura Mendoza of White Shag, part 5

March 20, 2014

Go go

Saturday, March 15, 2014 – Day 5

This was the most gruesome day for Jorge and I. We had 3 gigs. We were only playing as a band for our gig at 11am for the GOGirls Showcase at Austin Java. Then, Jorge and I were trucking on over to Curra’s for an acoustic set and then onto House Wine for an acoustic showcase our friend Duggan put together for us.

The first gig went pretty smoothly. We were the first band on so we had time to do a proper sound check. By the end of it, we had already sold merch and we hadn’t even started our actual set yet. This was great. We started not much later with our actual set and tore the house down considering it was so early in the morning.

After our first gig, Joe was off to Rachel Ray’s day shingdig at Stubb’s where Blondie, Cee-lo Green and the Foxboro Hot Tubs were playing. For those of you who don’t know, the Foxboro Hot Tubs is actually pseudonym for Green Day. So, I’ll let you guys read about Joe’s day which was actually really cool.

Joe’s Day

Laura and Jorge dropped me off about a block from Stubb’s and I made my way around the corner where the line was. It was huge and wrapped around Stubb’s twice. I didn’t think there was any way I was getting in, even though I was on the list.

Foxboro Bath Tubs

I made my way to the front of line and chatted up the security guard. I had no credentials, but I had my Keith Moon shirt on and she thought it was cool. She asked me if I was in a band and of course I said yes and she let me in. Keith Moon t-shirt scores.

When I walked in, I spotted Kathy Vargo and some other Detroit peeps hanging out and made my way over. We had some cocktails (which were free thanks to Rachel Ray) and Blondie started their set. I had a great spot next to the soundboard and could see them really well. Now I’ve seen Blondie over the years many times. They certainly one of my favorite bands from the late 70′s CBGB era and they never miss a beat. They killed it.

Up next was the Foxboro Hot Tubs or better known as, Green Day. I walked down to the basement of Stubb’s where they were playing. This part of Stubb’s only holds about 150 people so needless to say, this was an intimate show and the line was very long. I decided to leave and meet up with Laura and Jorge but as I walked out I ran into Rick, Clem’s drum tech who I met a few months back while playing with my other band, Amy Gore and Her Valentines. Amy was opening up for Clem’s other band, Split Squad, which includes other power pop legends. We chatted about Blondie’s show and I mentioned that I was bummed I couldn’t see Green Day on account of the line. Rick then opened the door next to him and there they were playing right in front of me! I walked in and caught the end of their show which they closed with “The Quick One” by the Who, one of my favorite Who tunes. It sounded amazing.

As I left, I saw Clem walking down the street and he ran up to me to let me know how cool my Keith Moon t-shirt was. We chatted for a sec and then he was off. It’s always nice to get a compliment from one of your biggest influences. Great way to end the day and all because of my Keith Moon Shirt.

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