Silent Lions, still… (New EP + Mittenfest, Hard Lessons Post-Xmas and Secret Fest)

December 19, 2013

This might be the third time…fourth?….that I’ve posted about Toledo-reared/Detroit-friendlies Silent Lions.

But it’s partly because they keep so busy. Every time I turn around their starting another mini-tour or releasing another single or splattering weird new art on their page or…turning heads over at Pop Matters. They’re very committed, industrious 20-something noise-makers and they’ve got an interesting skew on rock
Big, slamming, punk tempos slide into speedy mutations on disco hustles; everything’s distorted, muddied, echoed or reverb-splattered, the scary, bluesy bass, the warbling keys, the cymbal-splashes, but not to a point of disorientation…

That said, the climactic cross-cutting montage of this video is a little disorienting!


Pianos…sax…strange samples and ambient noise experimentation are guaranteed to puncher, prettify and pour-upon the rest of the songs on their second EP The Compartments - coming out Jan 18th on Nah Collective. 


12/26: St. Andrew’s Hall (The Hard Lessons’ 8th annual Post Xmas Record Release), Detroit MI



12/31: Woodruff’s (Mittenfest VIII), Ypsi MI
More info on Mittenfest


1/11: Loving Touch, Ferndale MI (Part of a 2-day Fest…more info forthcoming)