Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2014 Inductees

December 17, 2013

· Peter Gabriel

· Hall and Oates


· Nirvana

· Linda Ronstadt

· Cat Stevens

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2014 

There you have it, music fans. Nirvana’s narrative of mainstream-assimilation of grunge/punk comes full circle as they’re welcomed into The Hall! And fire-spewing, make-up-splattered, libidinous monster rockers KISS are coming in right behind them.

Brian Epstein (famed for his managing a little band called the Beatles) and Andrew Loog Oldham (famed for working with a little band called the Rolling Stones, among many others) will be honored with the Ahmet Ertegun Award for lifetime achievement.

They’ve been doing Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies for every single year that I’ve been alive. So maybe I’m a good measuring stick concerning their sustained relevancy to an audience that’s only growing ever-younger, ever-more-easily-distracted, ever-hungrier for weirder, newer, more exciting music made by their contemporaries. But then, maybe I’m worrying for nothing – I shouldn’t hem and haw over whether any 18-year-old punk/rap/techno whiz on the up-and-coming is concerned with the recordings of Hall & Oates… Any inductee has to have had their first recording released at least 25-years-ago from the day they enter the Hall, so by design, that batch of artists will appear like old fogies to that same 18-year-old upstart who’s listening to Chance The Rapper or the brand new Beyonce album or, I dunno, maybe that latest Okkervil River album, who can tell these days?

It’s just surreal, now, to think that Nirvana, as a band, as an idea, are that old… That they might be as lost-in-the-shuffle as Hall & Oates are these days… No…That won’t be. Will it? At what point does an immortal icon’s immortality-veneer start to chip off against the unforgiving fickle-storms of the Internet? You kids have heard ‘Nevermind‘ right? But…then, do they need to anymore?

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