Did Nugent apologize to the President?

February 25, 2014


“I cannot put into adequate terms the condemnation I feel, and so many Americans feel, that this President’s fundamental transformation of this country is indeed the destruction of the American dream of being compensated based on being the best that you can be.
The concept of social justice and economic quality is truly bizarre. The President’s a bad man.

So, did Nugent sincerely apologize for calling the President of the United States a mongrel, a communist, and a gangster?


  • CletusBeauregard

    pedophile pedophile pedophile pedophile pedophile

  • subziroe

    Ted nugent is an angry maggot. And I’m not calling him a maggot just because maggots so happen to be white either. Thank you ver much.

  • patriot_act

    I wish Ted would shut up, I have too much Amboy Dukes stuff to unload!

  • Stop the Madman

    Today begins a new petition drive from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: “Tell the Michigan Economic Development Corporation: Terminate your agreement with the Outdoor Channel and Ted Nugent.”

    The Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the official marketing and tourism agency for the state, has teamed up with the Outdoor Channel to launch a “Pure Michigan” campaign. This partnership comes on the heels of Outdoor Channel inking a multi-year endorsement deal with racist rocker Ted Nugent. A National Rifle Association board member, Nugent has a long history of extremism and opposition to common-sense gun laws. Lately, however, he has been making headlines with a series of racist statements. In July 2013, Nugent said “The Black Problem” in America could be solved if African-Americans put their “heart and soul into being honest” and “law-abiding.” On January 17, 2014, he called President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and “chimpanzee.”Despite Nugent’s comments, Outdoor Channel President and CEO Jim Liberatore heaped praise on him, stating that Nugent “symbolizes everything that is right in our industry and represents our viewers as an outspoken patriot.”

    Go to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence website, click “campaigns” to see the action and sign the petition.

  • Ron Glasman

    Hooray for Ted. Tellin it like it is!