Negative Approach Unreleased Tracks Out Now & Box Set In The Works

September 9, 2010

It popped up recently that San Diego based record label Taang Records got  their hands on some unreleased tracks from Detroit’s Negative Approach

In 2010 Original members of Negative Approach recently discovered several tracks in a basement in Detroit Michigan, which contained the long lost 1984 sessions of unreleased studio tracks (thought to be the Last session from NEGATIVE APPROACH ). Some consider this the most sought after lost recordings of AMERICAN HARDCORE. The tracks found were “Friends Of No One” + Cargo Cult / Kiss Me Kill Me /Obsession / Genocide & a Studio version of I Got A Right, along with the bands first ever live performance as well as original recordings of both the Single & Album & unreleased studio sessions. The tapes were brought immediately to Jim Diamond (White Stripes Fame) to restore & preserve.

So we here at MT Music Blog thought we’d get the skinny as we reached out to NA frontman John Brannon who had this to say…

It’s lost demos towards the end, there were all these unreleased songs that we never put out. It’s out on CD and early October it’s coming out on a 7″. It’s going to have some liner notes that will explain the whole thing. This first one is six tracks, unreleased stuff recorded in 1984 right after we did the last album, Tied Down, it’s kinda like the lost tracks. It’s been sitting in my mother’s basement for about 30 years.

What happened was Taaang records approached me, and asked if I had anything that’s not released. There have been so many bootlegs of the demos, and the live gigs from back in the day… And I was going through some stuff and I found this tape from 1984. I realized there were 6 songs on there that were never actually released, so we went to Jim Diamond’s and tried to clean those up a little bit. Taaang put [Friends Of No One] out and it’s just sort of like a sampler [for the upcoming box set]. The box set that’s coming will have all our complete demos, from 1981-84 with some killer live shows, and some outtakes from the records.  At this point we’ve got about 130 tracks, so far, all unreleased stuff. [Friends of No One] just got released as a sampler to let the kids know there’s a box set coming out.

So there you have it kids of the hardcore, the 6-song EP Friends of No One is out now on Taang Records for a brief  taste of the unreleased tracks, (including a Stooges cover of “I Got A Right.”)  Vinyl copies will come sometime in October as well.


1. Friends Of No One
2. Obsession
3. I Got A Right
4. Cargo Cult
5. Kiss Me Kill Me
6. Genocide

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  • Devlin

    what the fuck , this shit is over the top , I listened to this cd over 10 times know & i cant believe it is never released to NOW ? Nice find Ferocious shit.