Metro Retro: Blowout ’98 schedule

April 26, 2014

With the annual Blowout music fest approaching April 30 through May 3, we thought we’d take some time to visit the ol’ MT archives, and came up with this nostalgic ad for Blowout ’98. Proof that MT was ahead of the curve, the second Blowout featured artists who would soon go on to have massive success — with a lineup featuring Eminem, The White Stripes (billed as “White Stripe” — whoops!), The Dirtbombs, The Wildbunch (soon to be The Electric Six), The Hentchmen and more.


Back then, Blowout was two nights, six venues, and featured 74 artists — and was a fundraiser for the Detroit Music Awards. This year, Blowout encompasses four nights, more than 20 venues across three cities, and 300 artists.

Now’s also a good time to revisit this 2009 interview featuring festival co-founder Chris Handyside, over at NPR.


Photo courtesy of Doug Coombe.

Check out the official site for all the details on Blowout 2014 and look out for our Blowout issue on Wednesday for artist profiles, interviews, and much more.



  • Doug Fieger

    From quality to quantity…

  • RowdyYates

    Jimmy McCarty’s Mystery train too?

  • Willy

    Hmmm, there’s something different there, can’t quite put my finger on it…Oh, that’s it: It used to be all in Hamtramck, and was prior to the time when it was co-opted by a corporate magazine and destroyed. Oh, I’m sorry Chris…before it was made “bigger and better”.

  • Dallas

    Gotta pay the bills somehow.

    Better MT than the Freep.

  • guest

    What? Do you not see the “Presented by Metro Times” at the bottom of the ad? Do you not see the “Metro Times” banner behind Meg?