Jack White and Karen Elson ‘D-I-V-O-R-C-E’

June 10, 2011

Jack White’s becoming a Tammy Wynette song!

Just received this note today from a Jack White spokesperson, grammatical errors and all:

To whom it may concern:

karen elson and jack white announce today that they are getting divorced.

“we remain dear and trusted friends and co-parents to our wonderful children Scarlett and Henry Lee.

We feel so fortunate for the time we have shared and the time we will continue to spend both separately and together watching our children grow.

In honor of that time shared, we are throwing a divorce party.  an evening together in Nashville to re-affirm our friendship and celebrate the past and future with close friends and family.”

with love

Karen Elson and Jack White

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  • Amy Lynn

    I would love to know which rep you received this letter from. Sounds like a load of crap to me. 

  • Megbot


  • Crystal L.J.

    Um…. What?

  • Yayayaya

    heard he cheated on her with a girl from St. Clair Shores who played with Elson

  • schooly

    i heard that jack cheated on her with a GUY from garden city.