Happy Birthday David Ruffin

January 18, 2011

Some suggest he had the best voice in all of Motown. If that’s not the case, he certainly had one of the most recognizable voices in all of soul music and Detroit was lucky to have him. Here’s to you David Ruffin. Even though you’ve been gone since 1991, happy birthday.

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  • Jewel

    David Ruffin, he was indeed a powerhouse and charsmatic, truly a rare talent. There has been none yet like him.

  • Staylor

    Music lovers all over the world are lucky to have him. He will forever live on through his music and that’s something all the naysayers can’t take away!!

  • Dmcgwill

    There will never be another David Ruffin.  Perhaps the best voice to come out of Motown and that’s is saying a lot.  So glad we have his music legacy to keep him alive

  • Dmcgwill

    Does anyone have anymore videos of David to share?