Frontier Ruckus Performs at Metro Times

August 17, 2010

Last week’s cover story featured Frontier Ruckus, one of the best combos Detroit has going at the moment. In the afternoon of their midnight Magic Stick show last Friday, the quintet strolled into our offices in beautiful downtown Detroit, pulled out their banjo, snare, trumpet, finger organ, saw, guitar and bass and performed for a good 20 minutes inside our conference room. Those assembled were duly impressed, clapped appropriately, and the band’s “Silverfishes” was a particularly high moment. Speaking of high, the young, floppy fringed gents of Ruckus could very well be considered a rock ‘n’ roll band if not for the fact they arrived on time, were extremely polite, and not one of ’em whiffed of weed or booze. Such was noted by our often contemptuous copy editor, one Dennis Shea – a greybeard old enough to have actually seen the Rolling Stones when they were good – who added,  “what’s this world coming to!” Indeed.

Anyway, we’ve captured the MT/Frontier Ruckus moment for you, in beautiful def. Dig it:

Videos by Tim Mulheron

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