DwnLd of the Week: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. + The Cold Wave EP Release!

June 25, 2010

I’ve got the best FREE download of the week, plus a record release you won’t want to miss …

But first, watch this:

Meet Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., a fucking brilliant collaboration between two of Detroit’s pop maestros — The Silent YearsJosh Epstein and The Great Fiction’s Daniel Zott. Maybe you’ve caught their live gig, where their heavy-bass and harmonic pop songs create gaze-worthy experiences. They’re like the Beach Boys meets Outkast, but dressed as NASCAR dudes.

DEJJ - Horse Power - QuiteScientific

Over at the band’s website, you can get the single “Nothing But Our Love” off their forthcoming Horse Power record for Ann Arbors’s Quite Scientific label.

Also, more audible awesomeness  comes live, Saturday, June 26 at the Majestic Cafe with Javelins and  The Cold Wave, the latter of whom is hosting a “free as fuck” EP release party. Word. Free = more Milwaukee’s Best.

The EP is the band’s first official release, debuting Gangplank Records, home of Blanche, American Mars, Friendly Foes, Old Empire, and more. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Feeny at Tempermill this past spring/winter. Formerly Alan James & the Cold Wave, the band features AJ Sherman, Ryan Allen, Sean Sommer and Gion G.

They sound like this: TheColdWave-Clouded.mp3

The Cold Wave

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  • Bob Rev

    I can’t find a link to download the DEJJ song.