Covenant House Michigan Benefit Concert

March 23, 2014

Saturday – March 29, 2014 – 8pm

Detroit based non-profit Covenant House Michigan provides services and support to homeless, runaway, at-risk youth (age 13-22) who struggle with a variety of issues: unemployment, inadequate education, drugs, gangs and violence.

A quintet of local bands are performing at the New Dodge to raise awareness for CHM and its services, which includes providing food, shelter, education and vocational programs for local youths. More than 54,000 youths have been helped since CHM’s seventeen year history.

Saturday – March 29, 2014 – 8pm

This blog often props local bands playing area shows – but not all of them are opportunities for the types of consideration and conversation sparked by the inspiring role CHM plays in this community. And, this blog often props names of bands and songwriters who are consistently buzzed-up by this zine or other zines – the headliners, if you will… But, again, this show’s a chance to catch five up-and-coming bands, bands you haven’t seen 5-6 times already…

Sick’s got some resplendent, riffy, “universe rock” for you to dig – Power-pop with a proclivity towards psych-rock FX and go-for-the-gusto solo-ing… not a bad jam to kick off your Spring:


Joining SICK on stage at the New Dodge are:



500 CLUB–


For more information on CHM click here

And for the New Dodge – click here.